RANDOM THOUGHTS: Memories and a Miracle - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageAs one gets older one more and more often closes one eyes and, unintentionally, goes back in time and to nostalgic memories. This happens to me quite often lately.

Posted On: Nov 13, 18 | 6:44 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Administration a la Jungle - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageThe government has been seen to take haphazard actions, causing it to already lose credibility with the people. Some of these strange decisions are....

Posted On: Nov 06, 18 | 1:01 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Health Tips for Senior Citizens - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageAs President of the Senior Citizens Foundation of Pakistan (SCFP), I am always interested in things that have anything to do with the elderly. Recently I received a message from a good friend and well-wisher.

Posted On: Oct 31, 18 | 11:13 am

Imran Khan’s Interview - BY: General Mirza Aslam Beg

imageThey tried to cheat him, on the pretext of presenting a book on some cricket matters whereas a full-pledged interview was planned for London based website, named: Middle East Eye (MEE).

Posted On: Oct 28, 18 | 3:58 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS : China and the USA - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageThe Chinese are our best friends while both countries have problems with the USA. The Americans always try to find some fault with us. Most recently, they even blamed ....

Posted On: Oct 23, 18 | 1:58 am

Voices of the expatriates among us - BY: Tariq A. Al-Maeena

imageExpats in Saudi Arabia generally keep to themselves and are often tight-lipped about their hosts and their traits and behavior. Saudis on the other hand often hold themselves and...

Posted On: Oct 22, 18 | 1:14 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS : New Rulers, New Problems - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageHardly two months have passed and the government of Imran Khan is already facing problems. There was embarrassment over some appointments and increased taxation and....

Posted On: Oct 15, 18 | 8:10 am

Remodelling the Belt and Road: Pakistan picks up the torch - By: James M. Dorsey (with thanks to Kaled Nizami)

Pakistan, following in the footsteps of Malaysia and Myanmar, is the latest country to balk at the China and infrastructure focus of Beijing’s Belt and Road-related investments.

Posted On: Oct 11, 18 | 12:43 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Tread Carefully - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imagePolitics are very hot these days with accusations and the blame game at a peak. This poor country has never seen a quiet, peaceful acceptance of transfer of power.

Posted On: Oct 08, 18 | 11:08 am

Seminar on Today's Pakistan and Quaid's Legacy - Organised By: MUSLIM Institute

MUSLIM Institute Organized a Seminar "Today's Pakistan and Quaid's Legacy" on Monday September 10, 2018 at National Library, Islamabad. Mr. Omar Ayub khan, the Federal Minister for Energy was the chief guest on the occasion.

Posted On: Oct 03, 18 | 9:43 am
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