Global Politics is not about the Safeguard of Humanity and Peace but of Special Interest and Wars - BY: Mahboob A Khawaja, PhD.

imageWe the People of the Globe, We the conscientious Humanity are not the focal point of global political agenda for peace, security and future-making.

Posted On: Sep 18, 17 | 12:39 am

The duty of scholars toward stranded Pakistanis - BY: Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

AT a community gathering held recently, I met a Pakistani Islamic scholar who came to the Kingdom to perform Haj. The scholar, who was the guest of honor at the...

Posted On: Sep 16, 17 | 4:01 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: North Korea, South Korea and America - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageThere has been a lot of sabre rattling after the North Korean hydrogen bomb test. The first with aggressive rhetoric was President Trump. The North Koreans are a poor ...

Posted On: Sep 13, 17 | 12:51 am

I know who is behind my death: Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh - (with thanks to Balbir Singh Sooch)

image“The murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh shows India descending into violence: Hindu extremists go unpunished, leading to a culture in which lynching, mob violence and...

Posted On: Sep 10, 17 | 1:03 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Killer Arsenic - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageA few days ago a frightening and shocking front page news and an editorial appeared in the daily Dawn revealing how ground water all over Pakistan is contaminated with deadly...

Posted On: Sep 06, 17 | 6:44 am

How to Exterminate Muslims in India? - (with thanks to : Nizami Khaled)

Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD to 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life has a touch of Islam.

Posted On: Sep 05, 17 | 1:34 am

S.M.Pasha from India reveals Kashmir Issue

On the 10th of October 1951, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, in a Statement of Resignation from the Union Cabinet, expressed in extremely strong terms, his dissatisfaction about the foreign policy of the then Government of India, ...

Posted On: Sep 01, 17 | 7:56 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Khairul Bashar (PBUH) -BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageToday’s column is a review of one of the most important books on Seerutun Nabvi compiled and written by my good friend, Muhammad Abdul Rauf Siddiqui, former Minister of Interior,

Posted On: Aug 29, 17 | 6:06 am

America Searching Foes and Friends in Pakistan and Afghanistan - BY: Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

imageAmerican leadership needs critical thinking about its failure and triumph in global relationships. After 16 years of warmongering and perpetuated violence on the people of Afghanistan....

Posted On: Aug 27, 17 | 12:12 am

Trump Owns the Afghan War - BY: Gen Jehangir Karamat

The long awaited US policy for Afghanistan and South Asia was announced in a clearly articulated and carefully delivered speech by President Trump.

Posted On: Aug 24, 17 | 12:27 am
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