Obituary of The Boy killed at Police Station in Pakistan - By: Saeed Qureshi

A few days ago, while watching television, all of sudden a snapshot appeared on the screen. It was a clip of video showing a boy lying with face downwards on the ground.

Posted On: Sep 01, 17 | 2:11 am

National Government Has Become An Absolute Imperative - BY: Saeed A. Malik

The level of corruption in Pakistan and the huge national debt are existential threats to the viability of our independent existence.

Posted On: Aug 25, 17 | 12:42 am

Trump Embraces the Moral Ambiguity of a Halfway War - BY: David Rohde

​Continuation of an Endless Policy ---- Pressure Afghans to end corruption. Pressure Pakistan to stop backing the Taliban. Embrace India.

Posted On: Aug 24, 17 | 12:36 am

What the Supreme Court Needs to Do - BY:​ Saeed A. Malik

When General of the Army, Syed Parvez Musharraf issued the infamous NRO on 05 Oct 2007, he did so to stretch to eternity [within human limits] the period of his rule.

Posted On: Aug 16, 17 | 12:12 am

Husain Haqqani is squirming! - By: Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Folks. My article on Husain Haqqani hit him really hard in the you know what and he is hurting really really bad and is also mad as hell.

Posted On: Aug 08, 17 | 3:44 am

Just too many lies - BY: Ayaz Amir

In the end they did not add up---the lies, that is. The pieces did not fit together because it was an empire, an industrial empire, built on evasions and misstatements going back to the years...

Posted On: Jul 27, 17 | 7:24 am

God and Truth No Line In Between - By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Truth Is Peace, harmony, calm, quiet, silence reconciliation or Heaven-Perfect dwelling place after death, religion a place or condition of supreme happiness and...

Posted On: Jul 07, 17 | 12:57 am

God Should be Scientifically Explored - By: Saeed Qureshi

Since universe is all scientific, its origin and founder should be explored through the scientific means and knowledge.

Posted On: Jun 21, 17 | 11:26 pm

Measuring Ramadan A Unique & Blessed Month - By: Aymen Zaheer

Ramadan an sacred month - is a month of noble practice & deeds in the Muslim World. It is a time of self-analysis and of soul-searching. Every Muslim knows the extent of its blessings.

Posted On: Jun 15, 17 | 11:14 pm

Instability in Pakistan - BY: Shaikh Hyder

Why is Pakistan Moving Steadily Towards Instability with all its borders "Active?"
Compiled by New Trend Research.

Posted On: May 30, 17 | 11:38 pm
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