Staying Positive in the Midst of Turmoil - By : Sheima Salam Sumer

Recently, a reader of my articles asked me to write about how I remain so positive while living in Iraq. Even though I live in a peaceful city in Iraq, he still encouraged me to answer his questions.

Posted On: Dec 16, 16 | 9:36 am

We Release Data, It Will Create ‘Chaos’ In India: Legion - BY: Vishwagujarat (with thanks to Balbir Singh Sooch)

The hacker group “Legion” that broke into the Twitter accounts of the Congress Party, its Vice President Rahul Gandhi...

Posted On: Dec 14, 16 | 5:43 am

Indian Occupation on Junagadh Policy Options for Pakistan (Seminar)

MUSLIM Institute and Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad organized a seminar titled “Indian Occupation on Junagadh:

Posted On: Dec 07, 16 | 4:55 am

A Qur’anic Message for the Judiciary of Pakistan - By : Prof. Dr. Munir M. Hasan

There are many fundamental and important teachings of Islam described in Qur’an which are absolutely necessary for making a civilized society.

Posted On: Dec 03, 16 | 2:47 pm

An Article on communalism -by:Mohammad Zainal Abedin

In the wake of attacks on Hindus in Nasir Nagar Upazila, under Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh,

Posted On: Nov 21, 16 | 7:55 am

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 58 - November, 2016

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 58 - November, 2016

Posted On: Nov 18, 16 | 8:43 am

Betrayal of Islam & the Infrastructure of Failure - BY: Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Islam has its own mission, vision and objectives; there is no obscurity or ambiguity on these basics. To be a true Muslim, one needs to be strictly life-long adherent to those Islamic...

Posted On: Nov 14, 16 | 7:07 am

Making the headlines for the wrong reasons - BY: Tariq A. Al-Maeena

Following the Uri attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir that killed 18 Indian soldiers in September, charges against Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism intensified.

Posted On: Nov 10, 16 | 7:36 am

An uncertain community - Via: Economist (with thanks to Khaled Nizami )

FOR a community of 172m, almost 15% of the population, Muslims at first glance appear oddly absent from the pages of India’s newspapers.

Posted On: Nov 04, 16 | 3:53 am


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf with its lofty slogans of Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem has become the last line of defence for a democratic Pakistan under siege by selfish..Samson Sharaf

Posted On: Nov 03, 16 | 8:19 am
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