Well done, Pakistan! - BY: Tariq A. Al-Maeena

imageSINCE the eighteenth century, and until very recently in the ponderous cycle of history, Great Britain, when the misnomer “great” actually applied,...

Posted On: Jun 21, 17 | 11:13 pm

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Interesting Information - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageAt the moment the political statements of the various parties have taken over the scene, with each of them trying to score points over the others.

Posted On: Jun 19, 17 | 11:06 pm

Arab Leadership Quagmire: Do They Need More Weapons or More Wisdom? - BY: Mahboob A Khawaja, PhD.

imageWestern political dinner tables spare not a day without hallow laughters about what the Arab leaders say and do underpinning obsessed human follies.

Posted On: Jun 13, 17 | 9:40 pm

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Treasures of Knowledge - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageWe are all more or less fed up with the overkill of rhetoric about the Panama Leaks and politicians accusing each other of wrongdoing. Some time ago we were thankful...

Posted On: Jun 12, 17 | 2:49 am

Imperial Protocol - BY: Munir M Hasan, PhD

These days a lot of debate on the Pakistani TV channels is being shown about the appearance of the sons of the Prime Minister - Mr. Nawaz Sharif - before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

Posted On: Jun 11, 17 | 11:29 pm

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Interesting Facts - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageZam Zam water is a true miracle. Many international research institutes have tried and failed to find out the secrets of Aab-e-ZamZam (ZZW).

Posted On: Jun 05, 17 | 2:38 am

Real issues of Muslims over shadowed by Triple Talaque - By: Adv.Masood Peshimam

Much has been written about triple talaque or other forms of talaque or other forms of divorce and the discourse has been marked by the political dimension.The debates oriented to score the brownie points have...

Posted On: Jun 03, 17 | 11:28 pm

Donald Trump is an Unusual President of USA! - By: Saeed Qureshi

imageIt is difficult to fathom and define the mindset of president Trump. He is in the habit of blowing hot and cold at the same time. He excels in dishing out contradictory statements:

Posted On: May 31, 17 | 4:34 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Youm-e-Takbeer - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageThe 28th May, 1998 is an unforgettable day in the history of Pakistan. This day is as important to us as the 14th August, 1947.

Posted On: May 30, 17 | 2:17 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Our Holy Prophet and Hazrat Samamah - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

imageIn the 6th Hijra, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent invitations to nearby chiefs and rulers to accept Islam. He wrote 8 letters to the kings of Arab and Ajam.

Posted On: May 22, 17 | 1:17 am
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