Island Economics KickStarter Campaign

1000 people are abandoned on an island with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. They are told to survive and grow their civilization as best they can.

Posted On: Jan 04, 17 | 3:20 am

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - December, 2016

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - December, 2016

Posted On: Dec 22, 16 | 11:53 am

The Muslims’ Downfall: A Review (Part 1) - BY : Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The several hundred years’ downhill course of the Muslims hasn’t ended yet. Rather, has gained new speed to take them to a new low. ....

Posted On: Dec 19, 16 | 5:11 am

Staying Positive in the Midst of Turmoil - By : Sheima Salam Sumer

Recently, a reader of my articles asked me to write about how I remain so positive while living in Iraq. Even though I live in a peaceful city in Iraq, he still encouraged me to answer his questions.

Posted On: Dec 16, 16 | 4:36 am

We Release Data, It Will Create ‘Chaos’ In India: Legion - BY: Vishwagujarat (with thanks to Balbir Singh Sooch)

The hacker group “Legion” that broke into the Twitter accounts of the Congress Party, its Vice President Rahul Gandhi...

Posted On: Dec 14, 16 | 12:43 am

Indian Occupation on Junagadh Policy Options for Pakistan (Seminar)

MUSLIM Institute and Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad organized a seminar titled “Indian Occupation on Junagadh:

Posted On: Dec 06, 16 | 11:55 pm

A Qur’anic Message for the Judiciary of Pakistan - By : Prof. Dr. Munir M. Hasan

There are many fundamental and important teachings of Islam described in Qur’an which are absolutely necessary for making a civilized society.

Posted On: Dec 03, 16 | 9:47 am

An Article on communalism -by:Mohammad Zainal Abedin

In the wake of attacks on Hindus in Nasir Nagar Upazila, under Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh,

Posted On: Nov 21, 16 | 2:55 am

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 58 - November, 2016

Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 58 - November, 2016

Posted On: Nov 18, 16 | 3:43 am

Betrayal of Islam & the Infrastructure of Failure - BY: Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Islam has its own mission, vision and objectives; there is no obscurity or ambiguity on these basics. To be a true Muslim, one needs to be strictly life-long adherent to those Islamic...

Posted On: Nov 14, 16 | 2:07 am
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