Pakistan's Ambassador visits "Shumaisy Detention Centre" - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil

Ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, Khan Hasham bin Saddique visited "Shumaisy Detention Centre", Jeddah that houses expatriates undergoing a deportation process.

Posted On: Aug 06, 18 | 6:24 am

International Media War launched on Pakistan – who is paying the lobbyists? - By: Dr Shahid Qureshi

The recent launch of Media attack on Pakistan and its army seems to have roots in the strategy adopted by ‘Bankers and International financial mafia...

Posted On: Jul 31, 18 | 7:13 am

Whitening of black money picks up momentum after polls - (with thanks to Nizami Khaled)

Tax Collection jumps after IK's Election....In a single-day haul, FBR collects a record Rs2.5bn on July 27

Posted On: Jul 31, 18 | 7:10 am

The Evolution Of Democracy In Pakistan - BY: Zafar Iqbal Rawana

The day of 25th July witnessed the 11th general elections in Pakistan. All the parties, national and regional alongwith a large number of independents entered into the arena with zeal and zest.

Posted On: Jul 31, 18 | 7:09 am

Pakistan election: victor Imran Khan hits former ruling party in its heartlands - with thanks to Nizami Khaled

The ease with which the PTI can implement its policy agenda also received a significant boost from its strong performance in state-level elections.

Posted On: Jul 28, 18 | 6:29 am

SPINNING WHEEL OF ELECTIONS - BY: Brigadier Samson Simon Sharaf Retired

On the pulls and pushes that shall frame a post-July Pakistan

Posted On: Jul 24, 18 | 6:04 am

GVS - UN anti-Money Laundering department launches investigation against Nawaz Sharif - with thanks to Nizami Khaled

UN anti-money laundering department launches investigation against Nawaz Sharif
Pakistani political perusals turn international as UN anti-money laundering....

Posted On: Jul 21, 18 | 10:57 am


The felicitation or feting of the mobs killing the people on one pretext or the other and the alleged criminals in the communal violence is not acceptable.

Posted On: Jul 20, 18 | 7:38 am

Role of Sufism for Peace and Tolerance in Societies (RTD) - Organised By MUSLIM Institute (UK Chapter)

MUSLIM Institute - UK Chapter organised a Round Table Discussion “Role of Sufism for peace and tolerance in societies” on Tuesday May 1, 2018 at the Record Hall...

Posted On: Jul 12, 18 | 6:28 am

Pakistan: Elections or Revulsion against Hall of Shame - BY: Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

The logic of July 25 parliamentary elections in Pakistan is questionable as being a ceremonial stunt to undermine the reality of a highly corrupted and disoriented political culture.

Posted On: Jul 09, 18 | 11:09 am
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