The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House UK) Invites KSU Professor

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK), also known as Chatham House, one of the world's leading think-tanks for the analysis of international issues...

Posted On: Jun 06, 18 | 4:59 am

The Unsuccessful Attempts to Change Unbelievable Myths in Hinduism: Or What? - Analysis By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Who is the most powerful negative character in Hindu mythology? Alright there are many negative characters in hindu mythology.

Posted On: Jun 05, 18 | 4:03 am

The Editor: Democracy threatened with opposition to Opposition Alliance - BY: Adv. Masood Peshimam

The Union Minister Nitin Gadkari while touching upon the differences between Shiv Sena and BJP dubbed the differences as minor irritants “like (those) between husband and wife”.

Posted On: Jun 05, 18 | 3:52 am

HE BATTLE FOR PAKISTAN'S SOUL - By: Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

This story perhaps describes best what's happening in Pakistan today....

Posted On: Jun 02, 18 | 4:28 am

Hazrat Muhammad is The Only Prophet with Distinct Record - By: Saeed Qureshi

All the known religions and their founders of the past do not have clear-cut chronological facts and figures about their lives and missions.

Posted On: May 31, 18 | 5:19 am

Dr. Manmohan Singh Was On Top Post Of Leaderless India - Views By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

God Gifted Prime Minister Even Does Not Know His Own Persona-Role Minutely: God Gifted Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh On Earth.

Posted On: May 22, 18 | 5:30 am

In Debate | A Legacy of Deficits - BY: Fahad Humayun

The odds that the PML-N was going to be remembered for having contributed meaningfully to Pakistan’s foreign policy and reputation-building abroad were never high to begin with.

Posted On: May 22, 18 | 5:21 am

In Debate | Muzzling the press - BY: Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

Pakistan, as a democracy - albeit a faltering stumbling, tossing one – should allow the airing of public opinion. In fact it ought to do more than just allow it.

Posted On: May 16, 18 | 7:52 am

Justice Saqib Nisar, General Bajwa, and the Hidden Hand - BY: Saeed A. Malik

I have just read an article by Najam Sethi complaining that "the 'hidden hand' is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, pushing the plug on dissenters", and...

Posted On: May 09, 18 | 7:17 am

Why Jinnah’s portrait hangs in A ​ligarh ​ M ​uslim ​ U ​niversity​? - BY: Karan Thapar

There’s a lot that human ingenuity or craftiness can amend and change but not history. What’s happened cannot be undone. You can, of course, deny historical truths but ...

Posted On: May 07, 18 | 6:41 am
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