Journalists and rights activist walk on razor's edge in Kashmir: Wani

India's blatant refusal to recognize peoples' basic rights cause of serious concern

Posted On: Mar 19, 17 | 6:50 am

Bangladesh: An African Path to Prosperity? - By Greg Mills | Via viewsweek

Whether Bangladesh succeeds in meeting its challenges will depend on its ability to improve its infrastructure and tax collection, its willingness to deal with governance and corruption, and to deepen economic inclusion. Few would, on the record of the last 20 years, bet against it.

Posted On: Mar 16, 17 | 4:36 pm

Electronic Voting Machines Tamper-Proof:Elections Will Soon Lose Their Credibility and The Demise-End, Finish of Democracy Will Be Near - with thanks to BALBIR SINGH SOOCH

No, argues the author, because each step in the life cycle of a voting machine involves different people gaining access to the machines, often installing new software.

Posted On: Mar 12, 17 | 10:41 am

PRESS RELEASE : Gadget-crazy youngsters at high risk of hearing loss: IMA

Medical experts to deliberate on noise as No. 1 reason for deafness at National Conference on Safe Sound Initiative in Delhi on March 12

Posted On: Mar 11, 17 | 4:36 am

International Women’s Day – Tribute By A Woman For All Women - By: Qundeel Aymen

It is the principle of universe that nature braces who really wants to move forward, who longs for the sky, which yearns for novelty and betterment.

Posted On: Mar 10, 17 | 6:59 am

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Is this Democracy? - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

There is a saying that if rulers ignore the problems, pains and needs of the people, they are doomed sooner rather than later.

Posted On: Mar 06, 17 | 8:27 am

PWC Bids Farewell to Outgoing Pakistani Ambassador - By: Aymen Zaheer

Pakistan Writers Club (aka: PWC) and its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) hosted a luncheon reception to bid farewell to the outgoing Pakistani Ambassador Excellency Manzoor Ul Haq

Posted On: Mar 05, 17 | 8:29 am

NO ROOM FOR INTOLERANT INDIAN??? - BY: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

President Pranab Mukherjee seems trying to remind, “No room for intolerant Indian” but unsuccessfully??? Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch said

Posted On: Mar 03, 17 | 7:32 am

FBR agrees to stop raiding taxpayers: President FPCCI Apex chamber asks business community to pay taxes or face legal action

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has agreed to stop raiding businesses and industries which are in the tax net on the behest of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Posted On: Mar 03, 17 | 3:39 am

Dr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad’s Letter to Donald Trump - BY: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Your Excellency and I are, like other human beings, servants and creatures of The Only God, and have been created for an eternal life.

Posted On: Feb 28, 17 | 3:46 am
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