Open Democracy Initiative | Ali Dayan Hasan

As part of the ODI interview series, Jinnah Institute talks to experts to gain insight on issues related to democracy, governance, gender, and human rights. Our second video focuses on the direction that human rights policy should take, and the steps required to counter extremism under the new government.

We interview Ali Dayan Hassan to hear his insights on these challenges and ask him what the government’s foremost policy focus should be on human rights and whether he sees the government taking any concrete steps in this direction? We also ask him how he sees the new government’s ability to take on the challenge of extremism, and his policy recommendations for the new government on non-kinetic initiatives on Countering Violent Extremism.

Ali Dayan Hasan is a human rights campaigner currently working as a Senior Policy Adviser to UNDP Pakistan. He also served as the former Pakistan Director for Human Rights Watch. Mr. Hasan received a Bachelor’s degree from London School of Economics, and a Master’s Degree from St Anthony’s College, Oxford.

Posted on Oct 08, 18 | 4:52 pm