PWC and PWC-LC Host 23rd Annual Quran Recitation Competition - BY: Aymen Zaheer


Pakistan Writers Club Riyadh (aka: PWC) and its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) hosted its 23rd Annual Quran Recitation Competition in Riyadh last weekend.

The competition was attended by a large number of participants, parents, journalists, PWC and PWC-LC members and the renowned men and women from the Pakistani community in Riyadh.

The Chief Guest of the event was Sardar Muhammad Khattak –Deputy Head of the Mission,Embassy of Pakistan - who was representing H.E. the AmbassadorKhan Hasham bin Saddique. ShahzadAlam Siddiqui was the Guest of Honor. PWC President Fayyaz Malik presided over the event.

Addressing the ceremony, Chief Guest Sardar Muhammad Khattak highlighted on the significance of learning and recitation of the Holy Quran and its comprehension. He said that the Holy Quran was a source of guidance for all the mankind. “Holy Quran is a complete code of life, and we must make it our code of conduct. Its recitation charges the person mentally and spiritually”, he added. He also appreciated the young participants and congratulated everyone who participated whole heartedly. He also extended words of congratulations to the new office bearers and members of the PWC and its Ladies Chapter.

The PWC and PWC-LC Annual Quran Competition is traditionally held every Ramadan for Boys and Girls aged between 8 to 14 years. The competition was divided into two categories: 1) Boys Group 2) Girls Group. The competition was judged by Qari Abdul Waheed, QariAsad Iqbal and Qari Muhammad Arif.

A total of twenty-four participants recited verses from the Holy Quran turn-by-turn - and they enthralled the audience with their typical styles of Quranic renditions. Participants from different age groups were given four minutes each to recite the verses from Holy Quran.

In Boys group, 1st Position was achieved byIbshamShakeelKiani, 2nd Position by Saud Muhammad Asad and 3rd position was bagged by Muhammad Abdurrahman Afzal. In the Girls Group, 1st Position was earned by JuweriaIftekhar, 2nd Position by Haniya Fatima and 3rd position by Rikzah Muhammad Asad.

The event was kicked-off by Ashiq Hussein.Briefing about the criteria for the selection of the best reciter of the Holy Quran, Ashiq informed that the judges' choice would be based on the quality of pronunciation, timing, voice and style of recitation.

There were two sessions of the event: first“Annual Quran Recitation Competition”, and the second session wasdedicated to the Oath-Taking Ceremony of the newly elected President & Convener of PWC and PWC-LC respectively – and the newly appointed office bearers”, Ashiq mentioned.

The proceedings of the event got underway with the recitation from the verses of Holy Quran by Kaleem Iqbal and melodious Naat by Faisal Qureshi.

Ashiq, then passed the stage to Yousuf Ali Yousuf (new General Secretary), and DrNaghmaRehan (new Finance Secretary of PWC Ladies Chapter) who jointly conducted the proceedings of the Holy Quran Recitation Competition.

PWC Patron-in-Chief Engr. Faiz Al-Najdi speaking on the occasion expressed his satisfaction on the fact that a smooth transition had taken place and that the Club leaderships – both men & women – were transferred from one safe-hands to another safe-hands. “PWC and its Ladies Chapter are founded on and operate on democratic principles which is a very satisfying thing to note”, Najdi added.

Abdul Rauf Mughal the out-going President in his speech applauded the leadership formed under the new President-Elect Prof. Fayyaz Malik and Convener-Elect Dr. Farah Nadia. He thanked all his cabinet members and members of the Ladies Chapter for their untiring support and dedication during his presidential tenure.


Madiha Malik, the out-going Convener of PWC Ladies Chapter - also thanked office bearers and members of the Ladies Chapter. She also congratulated the new President and the new Convener along with their cabinet and assured them of her full support.

Convenerof the Ladies Chapter - Dr. Farah Nadia in her acceptance speech - thanked the outgoing Convener – Madiha Malik – and also all the lady members of PWC-LC for their active participation and making this event a great success.Convener also welcomedall the newly-appointed members of her cabinet.

PWC President Fayyaz Malik - in his acceptance speech - extended words of appreciation to the participants and their parents, as well as to the audience and the event sponsors. He also thanked members of PWC and its Ladies Chapter for their enthusiasm and hard work to make this event a great success.Fayyaz also introduced the members of his new cabinet.

All the winners were presented with a cup and merit certificates, while the judges were given a certificate of appreciation along with the gifts by the PWC. Also, each participant was awarded with gifts from the event sponsors along with the certificate of attendance.

The program concluded on a happy note with a sumptuousSuhoor for all participants and the attendees of the event.

Aymen Zaheer is Event Coordinator of Pakistan Writers Club aka: PWC.

His Email Contact is: aymen.zheer@gmail.comimage

Posted on Jun 06, 18 | 9:55 am