June 5th, 2018


Everyone in the govt., opposition, judiciary and politicians maintain that the elections would be held on the due date - 25th July 2018 and that revising the nomination forms would entail a substantial delay in the holding of the elections. Firstly, reprinting of couple of thousand forms should not take more than a day or two at the most. And secondly, the revised form (in fact the original form) could be placed on the ECP website from where it could be downloaded in a jiffy and submitted after filling it up, without losing any time.

Why don’t we realize that with the present nomination forms we are opening the doors of the parliament to certain unwanted persons who must never be entrusted with the sacred task of legislating for the nation. So, even if there is a little delay of a few days or weeks, no heavens shall fall from the skies but it will ensure the proper persons for our assemblies.

What is better for Pakistan , “Elections on time” or Election of PROPER persons”. So my dear powers that be let’s not be idealistic and slaves of our own made rules but be pragmatic and realistic. Think of the country rather than serving the nefarious ends of a few corrupt politicians. Revise the form to its ORIGINAL format.

Col.Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Posted on Jun 06, 18 | 9:53 am