PRC symposium calls for use of peaceful nuclear technology - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil


Pakistan Repatriation Council ( PRC ) last night held in Mehran Restaurant a symposium titled “ Nuclear Technology – our need and obligation “ on 20th anniversary of Pakistan’s detonation of nuclear device on 28th May 1998. It was presided by renowned intellectual, scholar and ex-Saudi diplomat Dr. Ali al-Ghamdi.

Dr. Ghamdi in his presidential address said that nuclear explosion of 1998 was a vital milestone for the defence of Pakistan and strong Pakistan is essential for whole Ummah. However he hoped and prayed that this remain a deterrence and balance in subcontinent and never used to avoid catastrophe in the region. He said if Japan had nuclear device in 1945 then USA would not have dared to bomb Hiroshima.
He paid tribute to Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and rulers including Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. He quoted Bhutto’s historical statement that “ We will make nuclear device for Pakistan even if we have to eat grass to survive”. He said his commitment led to achievement of nuclear club membership for Pakistan.
He was surprised that Pakistan did not take any step in creating an institution to explore resources e.g. Electricity; Water; Agricultural; Medicine and other advantage of Nuclear Technology. Such will not benefit only Pakistan but it can serve whole Muslim world. He said if Japan had nuclear device then USA would not have dared to bomb Hiroshima.

He said great nuclear state should not forget it’s quarter million patriotic citizens languishing in Bangladesh since 1971. He was very optimistic when Nawaz Sharif became prime minister for third tenure but unfortunately he failed to fulfil his promise and take any step for repatriation of those Pakistanis. Now our hope will be with new elected Government and I urge all political parties to keep the issue of stranded Pakistanis in their agenda. He also praised Pakistan based NGOs Muslim Welfare & Development Organisation( MWDO) ; Nawi waqt Fund for stranded Pakistanis; Saudi Organisation International Islamic Relief Orgn ( IIRO ); Islamic Development Bank ( IDB ); US based NGOs e.g. OBAT Helpers; Friends of Humanity ( FOH ) however all together could not serve even 10% of stranded community. He urged more NGOs to come forward and help those Pakistanis in Bangladeshi camp.
He also urged India to arrange plebiscite in Kashmir as per UN resolution.

Deputy convener PRC; Hamid Islam opened the symposium and briefed the main aspect of it. He said purpose of Nuclear technology should not be limited to defense achieved in 1998, but we failed in acquiring this technology for common use for electricity; water; agriculture; medicine and other uses. Most of the developed nations depend nuclear technology power. He also reiterated PRC mission of repatriation of stranded Pakistanis and rights of self determination of Kashmiris.

Choudhry Riaz Ghumman, general secretary of Pakistan Media Group praised PRC for holding symposium on very important topic. He said the nuclear detonation of 1998 made strong Pakistan but we failed to benefit common man from this technology He paid rich tribute to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for the success of Pakistan’s nuclear capability. He said it is very unfortunate how our rulers humiliated him while India made his nuclear scientist as president of the country.
He said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan should head the institution to explore peaceful of essential use of nuclear technology to remove power and other crisis in the country.

Social worker and a lawyer Shamsuddin Altaf started speech in Arabic in which he thanked Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi; speakers and Guests for making the symposium a success. He said the success of 28th May 1998 was not a single leader but starting from late Zulfiqar Bhutto; Abdul Qadeer Khan; Nawaz Sharif and other leaders and scientists played vital role in achieving this milestone for the nation. He emphasised the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes to overcome crisis of electricity and other resources in the country.

Tayyab Mosani, general secretary of Pakistan Memon Association ( MASA ) appreciated convening of symposium on the topic. He said although we lacked honest leadership in country but after 28th May our nation gain confidence towards stability of Pakistan and people worked for the country. He regretted that nuclear technology was not utilised for the sake on energy and other uses which could have avoided the crisis of electricity; water and agriculture. He said if our rulers were honest; patriot and just we could have led at least the Muslim World. He urged Government to arrange urgently repatriation of stranded Pakistanis.

Community member Mohammad Akram Agha declared Takbeer day as great achievement for the country. However due to non-utilisation of its people’s need the whole nation is suffering due to scarcity of electricity and other resources. More than 1/4th of population does not have clean water; electricity; proper livelihood; education which tarnish our national image.

Convener Syed Ehsanul Haque thanked Dr. Ghamdi and all speakers, journalist, poets and guests and attendees on their participation to the symposium. He said Pakistan’s nuclear program which started with Bhutto’s conviction and strategy was carried by all the leaders and finally prime minister Nawaz Sharif accomplished the mission on 28th May 1998. However as all the speakers mentioned that we failed to take advantage of its peaceful use i.e. for Electricity production, advancement in Agriculture, Medicine; industries and other usage. which will help common man and also increase export. As we know nuclear education is banned for Pakistanis so we must have a university to explore peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Following resolutions were approved by the audience:

1. We urge President Mamnoon Hussain to create “ Nuclear Research University “ headed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to educate and explore production of Electricity; enhancing Agriculture, Medical and industrial needs etc. to benefit not only Pakistanis but also can earn precious foreign exchange by exporting them.

2. Our govt. should use OIC, UNO, USA and other super powers to influence India to arrange plebiscite in Kashmir according to the will of its people. Kashmiri leaders e.g. Syed Ali Gilani, Wayez Farooq should be included in all the negotiations on the issue. India should immediately remove its forces from Kashmir for the sake of peace in the region.

3. We urge President Mamnoon Hussain to restart the process of repatriation and rehabilitation of stranded Pakistanis. To overcome the paucity of fund, we suggested to implement PRC proposal of “ settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self finance basis“. Until they are repatriated Pakistani High Commission at Dhaka should be assigned to take care of Food, health, life and security of quarter million Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. OIC should include in its agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis.

Function started with the recitation of Quranic verses by Mohammad Ali Ghamdi. Syed Mussarat Khalil conducted the event; also presented his write up on the topic and paid rich tribute to founders; leaders and scientists of nuclear achievement of Pakistan.

Shamsuddin Altaf prayed for forgiveness and Allah’s mercy on Dr. Ghamdi’s relative who died and was buried on Friday.


Posted on Jun 05, 18 | 10:46 am