PWC and its Ladies Chapter Elects New Leadership - By: Aymen Zaheer

Pakistan Writers Club Riyadh (aka: PWC) and its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) has elected its new leadership. Prof. Fayyaz Malik was elected as the New President of PWC and Dr. Farah Nadia was elected as the new Convener of PWC-LC. Both Fayyaz and Dr. Farah were elected unopposed.

PWC and PWC-LC is an association of Pakistani ingenious gents and ladies who have competences in writing, poetry, journalism, fine arts and fashion designing.

PWC is proud to have talented members that include the following: Engr. Faiz Al-Najdi, Ashiq Hussein, Engr. Abdul Rauf Mughal, Shah Jehan Sherazi, Aymen Zaheer, Zubair Bhatti, Fayyaz Malik, Naveed Ur Rehman, Tanveer Mian and Yousaf Ali Yousaf, whereas, in PWC-LC brilliant lady members are: Madiha Malik, Shumaila Malik, Dr. Farah Nadia, Madiha Noman, Qundeel Aymen, Ambreen Faiz Ahmad, Dr. Naghma Rehan, Irum Amir, Tahira Kashif and Shaheen Javed.

As per the Governing Byelaws of PWC & PWC-LC, election is due after every two years. The last cabinet of PWC was directed by President Eng Abdul Rauf Mughal and Ashiq Hussein as General Secretary. For PWC-LC it was directed by Convener Madiha Malik and Deputy Convener Shumaila Malik.

Upon completion of his tenure, Engr. Abdul Rauf Mughal had stepped down and dissolved the entire cabinet of PWC and PWC-LC on 22nd of March 2018. Elections-2018 was publicized. And Engr. Faiz Al-Najdi (Acting Coordinator) initiated the procedures for Elections-2018. Keeping with the tradition, he appointed Prof. Nadir Alam as Election Commissioner.

President-Elect Prof. Fayyaz Malik has been in the teaching profession for more than 15 years. He graduated from National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad and has served various Institutes of higher learning like: NUML, Iqra University, Islamic International University Islamabad, and currently is serving as English Language teacher in a private university in Riyadh. He is a regular speaker and a presenter of themes related to Foreign Language Teaching and its theory, principles and practices at the Teacher Training Conferences and Seminars in Pakistan and the Gulf region. He joined Pakistan Writers Club in 2016. Since then he has been actively participating in its events as speaker, poet, host and presenter.

Convener-Elect Dr. Farah Nadia serves as a doctor, family physician and radiologist in local hospital. She is also a life coach, trainer, entrepreneur and CEO of her own company. She remains Director of Fahad Foundation. She is a person of pleasing demeanor and is otherwise very active and energetic member of Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) of Pakistan Writers Club.

The new leadership of PWC and PWC-LC will now work to form their respective cabinet. This would include the nominations for the designations of General Secretary, Deputy Convener, Finance Secretary, PRO (Public Relations Officer) and Event Coordinator.

As per the Governing Bye-Laws, the outgoing President Engr. Abdul Rauf Mughal would assume the post of Adviser to President while the outgoing Convener of PWC-LC – Ms. Madiha Malik - would automatically be nominated as Adviser to Convener,

The oath taking ceremony of the President-Elect and Convener-Elect with its freshly appointed cabinet would be held on the occasion of the Club’s Annual Husn-e-Qira’at Competition scheduled to be hosted during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Aymen Zaheer is a Freelance Writer and senior-member of Pakistan Writers Club-Riyadh
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Posted on May 07, 18 | 11:39 am