I want to express my gratitude to you all - BY: Leonor Rebassa


Dear Rana,

Thanks to you, Mahadine, an online activist in Chad, has just walked free!

Mahadine had been facing a life sentence for posting a message on Facebook that criticised the Chadian government. Everyone has the right to question the decisions made by their government. Over 690,000 of you took action in support of Mahadine and called on the Chadian government for his immediate release. Thanks to you, after 18 months in prison, Mahadine is now home with his family.

He also received hundreds of your solidarity notes to keep his spirits up, like the ones his son is holding above. Here is Mahadine’s message back to you: “I want to express my gratitude to you all. I appreciate you, I love you, I respect you. Humanity.”

When our members come together, your voices are powerful.

Please check our latest campaign actions, and help us to gain justice for other brave human rights defenders like Mahadine.

Many thanks
Leonor Rebassa
Write for Rights Campaigner, Amnesty International

Posted on May 04, 18 | 5:47 am