PRC calls for establishment Allama Iqbal research University - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil


By Syed Mussarat Khalil
Saudi Gazette.

Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) last evening held a program in VIP Hall of Mehran restaurant on 80th death anniversary of Pakistanís thinker, poet and philosopher Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal. It was presided by renowned intellectual; writer and ex-diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi. Engr. Syed Neaz Ahmed President of Pakistan Writers Forum was the chief guest. Other guests included Shahid Nayeem President Pakistan Journalists Forum; Choudhry Rizwan Rasheed President of Pak Media Group ( PMG ); Social and literary personalities Mohammad Ashfaq Badayouni; Shamsuddin Altaf; Mohammad Amanatullah; Amin Najmi; Agha Mohammad Akram. Engineers Welfare Forumís Syed Naseeruddin; Mohammad Faheemuddin; Syed Ghazanfar Hassan; Syed Nadeemuddin.

Dr. Ali Ghamdi in his presidential address thanked PRC for organising the event on Allama Iqbal. He said it is not possible to cover his intellect in Poetry; Philosophy; politics; Economy and Islamic Vision. He said Iqbal was not poet of subcontinent only but for whole humanity in general and for Muslim World in particular. The idea of a separate homeland for Muslims state was presented by Allama Iqbal which Mohammad Ali Jinnah was not convinced that time. After spending years with Congress Jinnah concluded that it was not possible to secure rights of Muslims with the Hindu leadershipís attitude. Then he accepted the idea of Dr. Iqbal and fought for separate homeland which came in reality in 1947. Although Allama Iqbal did not see Pakistan but he believed that under the leadership of Jinnah Pakistan will be created God willing. He said that renowned Arab Poets and philosophers also acknowledged Iqbal as greatest Muslim reformer of the century. In a seminar in 1932 in Spain; Allama Iqbal presented Islamic ruling as only solution for the humanity in presence of western intellectuals and philosophers. He said worldwide there are Academy on Iqbal but to my knowledge this did not exist in Saudi Arabia though there are big number of Pakistanis. He said Dr. Iqbal Even today his message can guide the Muslim Ummah in the right direction.

He said at this time we should not forget those Muslims who migrated from Bihar to then East Pakistan to settle in Iqbal and Quaidís Pakistan. However after the fall of Dhaka in 1971 they are languishing for their patriotism to Pakistan. It is the duty of state of Pakistan to issue them passport and settle them in Pakistan with due respect. Rabita Trust which had funds need to be reactivated. PRC proposal can be considered to organise on self finance basis.

Chief guest Engr. Syed Neaz Ahmed said that though Allama Iqbal declared our national poet but the government never educated the students about his vision and mission which led to creation of Pakistan. He was the founder of two nation theory and convinced to Muslims of India for separate home land to practice and implement Islamic rulings to create an Islamic welfare state.
He said patriotic Pakistanis languishing in Bangladeshi camps since 1971 are true followers of ideology of Pakistan. This is our national duty to bring and settle them in Pakistan on priority.

Mohammad Zareen Khan leader of Jammu and Kashmir committee paid rich tribute to Allama Iqbal who was a Kashmiri and wake up Kashmiris. He said Iqbal wanted to reverse decline of Muslim Ummah in the world in general and in India in particular. He urged Pakistani government to press India to secure the rights of self determination of Kashmiri people. He also demanded early repatriation of stranded Pakistanis.

Renowned Laurette Mohammad Ashfaq Badayouni said that it is not possible to cover his poetry in one session so he would talk about his love and devotion to Allah. This love is reflected in his poetry which presented Quranic concept.

Tayyab Moosani general secretary of Pakistan Memon association praised PRC for organising programs on our national days which is their patriotism. He said if we want to make Pakistan truly as per the plan of Iqbal and Quaid we must adhere to the teachings of Allama Iqbal and Quaide Azam.

Community leader Shamsuddin Altaf said that Iqbal gave message of unity and pride to Muslims if they adhere to teaching of Quran and Sunnah. He said only way to achieve purpose of Pakistanís creation; we must adhere to mission of Quaid and Iqbal.

Urdu critic writer Mohammad Amanatullah paid tribute to Allama Iqbal but unfortunately in schools and colleges different teaching are given to them which is contrary to Iqbalís teaching which led to creation of Pakistan. It should be obligatory to educate about Allama Iqbalís message to new generation.

Community member Mohammad Akram Agha spoke about Allama Iqbalís life history who was born in Sialkot and learnt Arabic and Persian and went to Germany for higher education. His father was very religious and wanted Iqbal to understand and preach Quranís message to people.

Deputy convener Hamid Islam Khan reiterated PRCís mission for the repatriation of Stranded Pakistanis and rights of self determination to Kashmiris. He also elaborated pathetic condition of patriotic Pakistanis languishing in Bangladesh for 47 years.

Syed Ehsanul Haque, Convener thanked Dr. Ali Ghamdi, all the speakers, journalist, poets and guests for participating in Allama Iqbal day program. We appeal to make comprehensive educational syllabus to teach about Iqbalís mission to our new generation. He condemned cancellation of holiday on Allama Iqbal day which shows governmentís ignorance toward founder of Pakistanís ideology.

Syed Mussarat Khalil conducted the event; also presented his paper on Iqbal. Recitation from holy Quran was made by Qari Abdul Majeed; Naat ( glorifying prophet Mohammad (S ) was presented by Zamurrad Khan Saifi. He also presented tribute to Iqbal in his poem.

Following resolutions were adapted by the audience:

1. We demand government creation of ď Allama Iqbal Research University ď to offer research / advance knowledge on Iqbalís poetry and philosophy and the objective and mission of creating Pakistan to the new generation.
2. We also demand that holiday on Allama Iqbal day must be reinstated.

3. We demand UNO to organise plebiscite in Kashmir according to its resolution, Indian forces should be withdrawn immediately. Kashmiri leadership must be included in all the negotiations between India and Pakistan.

4. We demand urgent repatriation of stranded Pakistanis from Bangladesh. To overcome paucity of fund, should implement PRC proposal of ď settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self finance basisď.

5. Pakistani High Commissioner at Dhaka should be assigned to take care of Food, health, life and security of quarter million Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. OIC should include in itís agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis.


Posted on Apr 23, 18 | 11:57 am