Matter of Our Children's Future - BY: AAP Outreach

Dear Baqi, Rana,

Did you hear? They fired Atishi!!! How can the Central Government stoop so low!.

My blood is literally boiling at their gross arrogance and abuse of power. I want to shout at top of my voice that THIS IS WRONG.

You see, Atishi is a double masters from Oxford. She has been working at salary of Re 1/pm. She is the chief architect of Delhi Government's education revolution, without her, our dream of better education would be severely effected.

It's very clear now that they can do anything to stop AAP from delivering a good governance model.

But now, Enough is Enough....

We need to find a way out of Center's grip. And our only way out is, we need to win elections. And right now we have a chance to win in Karnataka.

I am channelizing all my anger to support AAP Karnataka. I doubled my donation to ₹ 1000. I really want Prithvi and his team to win. And show the Centre that we will not slow down.

Trust me, they cannot defeat us if you and me can join hands today. We can raise enough money to beat them in Karnataka.

So join me and let us channelize our anger towards winning Karnataka.

Posted on Apr 22, 18 | 10:12 am