Calling others communal over Kathua & Unnao is like “Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante” (pot calling kettle black) - BY: Adv. Masood Peshimam

Our country does not run on the sense of justice, fair play and equity. The winds start blowing in the right direction under some sort of pressure. Without pressure nothing works. The pressure has political implications not only nation wise but also internationally. It is the weight of pressure which has impacted the Prime Minister Modi to break his silence and speak up on most gruesome gang rape incidents in Kathua in Jammu and Unnao in U.P. It is said that he was possibly provoked into making a statement by Congress President Rahul Gandhi who had urged P.M. to speak. Gandhi said “India is waiting for the watchman” to speak, a veiled reference to Modi’s own analogy that he would be the Chowkidar of the nation.

Relenting in the face of the national outrage and media outcry over inaction in Kathua and Unnao gang rape Modi has said both these incidents challenge the concept of social justice and that the guilty won’t be spared. He also said that events that have been occupying the national scape in the last two days are an embarrassment for civilized society.

The water is not fathomed deep enough to understand that the events like Kathua and Unnao some of which must have been brushed under the carpet have been occupying the national mindscape not for two days but with a plenty of time more particularly with the installation of BJP Government at the Centre. The incidents like Kathua and Unnao not only the national questions but have the deep international repercussions. These incidents have not only invited the national focus but equally global effects. The Prime Minister’s belated condemnation is a damage control exercise to reduce the impact of the degrading environment and its fall out.

A day earlier Union Minister V.K Singh came out against the Kathua rape saying we as humans had failed the eight-year-old girl from a nomadic community in Jammu who was gang raped and killed in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district but she would not be denied justice. V.K. Singh’s statement is all the more welcome but would he be kind enough to explain the inordinate delay in reaction-when the barbaric incident took place somewhere in the month of January. Is the statement released to test the water? Singh’s statement has not many takers in BJP. Those in defense of alleged culprits were in defiance of Singh’s talking of justice to the Muslim victim girl. The promised justice is not expected to be delivered in the communally charged atmosphere where the situation is seen with the blinkered vision.

While the Prime Minister touched the subject assuring that the guilty would not be spared the Delhi BJP M.P targeted the opposition in trying to communalize the situation. But even she accused Congress of communalizing the situation over the tragic incident Lekhi gave it a communal angle herself whether Congress is agitated since the Kathua victim is Muslim. How can the situation turn communal if the victim happens to be Muslim and gains the sympathy? Is it a sin for the victim to be Muslim?Is the Muslim being the disqualification to earn the sympathy? The very genesis of the barbaric incident itself is communal. Is it not that two ministers in the J.K. Government were not inciting the communal passions over the Kathua incident.

The BJP’s M.P. further said that Kathua gang rape is an old case and BJP MLAs, who openly supported the accused by participating in a rally, were misled as they should have “ideally not commented until investigations are completed”. The BJP itself is a misled and trying to mislead the nation in the name of religious politics at the cost of the nation’s development. Were these MLAs not aware of the magnitude of the tragic murderconsequent upon the multiple gangrape? Would the investigation generate some other outcome?

Is the fatal mob lynching in the name of cow protection a secular stance? Is it secular to create the violence in the name of religion and target the weak and feeble? Is it secular not to apply restraint over the communal killing? Is it secular to spread poison in the name of caste and creed? Is it secular to take the shelter of Ram and organize the Tiranga Yatra to protect the alleged culprits? It’s quite unfortunate to take the shelter of Ram to protect the accused which is bringing stain over the great name of Ram. Ram is respected and revered even by Muslims. Dr. Iqbal, the architect of the lyric “Sare Jahan Se Achchan Hindustan Hamara” called Ram as the Imamul Hind or the great leader of India. Those defending the alleged rape culprits and the alleged rape culprits are worse than Rawan in Hindu Mythology as Rawan has not touched Seeta- who has abducted her.
Is it not an insult to national flag when it is misused to protect the alleged culprits and do all wrong things?

By the communal twist of logic Muslims are dubbed communal if they talk of their rights and talk of having a share in the cake of national development.

Ms Lekhi is having her own logic to define what is communalism. It’s like Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante or pot calling the kettle black.

In the teeth of this disturbing development it is good to note that the Supreme Court issued notices to the Bar Association of Kathua and Jammu asking them to desist from denying access to justice to the family of Kathua’s rape victim child or cause any obstruction in the court proceedings.
The Bench of Chief Justice DipakMisra and Justice A.M Khanwilkar and D.Y. Chandrachudtook Sue Motu notice of the matter on being told that lawyers of two associations had prevented lady lawyer from appearing for victim’s family.

The decision of the Supreme Court has enhanced the Prestige of the Judges. Otherwise there is the feeling that the various components of the government are crumbling down the line.

The lawyers of Jammu and Kathua failed to deter the lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat who is fighting the case of Asifa, the eight-year-old girl who was gangraped and murdered.

Rajawat, an advocate is dedicated and courageous enough to take up the case of eight-year-old girl of Bakarwal tribe who was raped and murdered in January. She has not cowed down by the threats to stay away from the case.

Not one to be cowed into silence, she went on Facebook a day after an incident on April 5 and wrote “The President of the Jammu High Court Bar Association mistreated me. He used unparliamentarily language and threatened me not to appear in case during a strike by lawyers”.

Advocate RehanJabali of Mumbai High Court said that the lawyer like Deepika Singh Rajawat needs to be saluted by the nation for rendering yeoman service to the cause of humanity.

Advocate’s job is to defend the client irrespective of caste and creed. One can be devil’s advocate. The Kalyan Bar and various Bars in Mumbai have been doing the good service not blinded by caste and creed.

While there are sinister efforts to protect the alleged culprits of Kathua in Jammu &Kashmir the story is not different at Unnao in U.P. The wine is the same but the bottles are different.

The Unnao rape took place somewhere around June, 2017. There were several complaints that one woman lured the girl to the criminal spotwhere the BJP MLA Kuldip Singh Sangar allegedly raped her. There was no cognizance taken of the complaint. Hence, the victim tried to immolate herself.

The situation turned further gloomy when there was brawl between the victim’s father and the BJP MLA’s brother. BJP MLA’s brother allegedly severely assaulted the victim’s father and there were allegations of the further assault in the Jail also. In the Jail he was not given the proper attention for the medical treatment which led to his tragic death.

The cross complaint is equally a cause of concern as the cross complaint is made to save the accused in the first complaint. The people are reluctant to lodge the complaint with the fear of the cross complaint. It was after a lot of outcry and furor that the brutal death of the father of the rape victim drew attention.

In the case of BJP MLA Sangar, a lot of time got elapsed before an FIR was registered against him resulting from voluminous outcry against the gross injustice. The FIR was registered against Mr. Sangar who represents Sadar Assembly Constituency under IPC sections 363 (Kidnapping), 366 (kidnapping, abduction or inducing woman to compel her marriage), 376 (Rape), 506 (Criminal Intimidation) and section 3 & 4 (Penetrative Sexual Assault) of The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO ACT), 2012 at the Makhi Police Station. The matter would have been brushed under the carpet had there been no groundswell of support for the victim in the media and right thinking quarters.

In the midst of all this turmoil the BJP MLA had the audacity to drive to the S.P Office in the convoy of twenty vehicles. Mr. Shabbir Alam from ACIT Mahim, Mumbai said that the journey with the convoy of more than 20 vehicles explained the absence of fear of law in the MLA of Yogi known for staging the alleged fake encounters in U.P. flouting all rules of law and enacting Jungle Raj. The extra Judicial killing is in contrast with the fact that Yogi administration slept over the alleged rape since June and the subsequent gory developments involving attempt to suicide by the victim and the subsequent brutal death of her father.

The degrading social environment is getting worse in U.P. with the fooling of the people in the name of religion. The sickening situation would go unbridled if there are no restraints. Otherwise Kathua and Unnao are lying in store.

Posted on Apr 18, 18 | 11:15 am