Press Release: National Front stresses upon release of all political prisoners

Jammu Kashmir National Front has stressed upon the release of all political prisoners including its chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan who is imprisoned on baseless and forged charges in Tihar jail, Delhi. National Front stressed upon New Delhi to release all the political prisoners of Kashmir including Nayeem Khan so that an environment is created which can lead to a final resolution of the Kashmir dispute once for all. The leaders like Nayeem Khan, who have spent a large part of their lives inside jails, only for advocating Kashmir dispute, cannot be forces to change their political stance by continuous incarceration. New Delhi must understand the simple fact that Kashmir dispute is an internationally accepted one so jailing leaders like Nayeem Khan can only delay in its resolution but it cannot affect its disputed nature. Saluting the steadfastness of all the prisoners including Nayeem Khan, the National Front said that even his different ailments in the jail, Nayeem Khan has not lost his courage he is known for. He stands by his political faith about the Kashmir dispute and the day is not far when truth will prevail and he will be out of jail.

Terming the recent spurt in the bloodshed as unfortunate, National Front said that only political measures can lead to end the plight of common people living in the whole South Asian region. It is therefore New Delhi who has to leave its deceptive policies and adopt a path of resolution so that the Indian Subcontinent can have better days ahead.

National Front said that day to day carnage in Kashmir cannot change the realities of Kashmir dispute nor it can make the people to surrender. So it is high time for New Delhi to shun the path of stubbornness and accept the historic facts. Expressing concern over the ongoing incidents of state terrorism and barbarism, the National Front stressed upon the world community to play its role to resolve the Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of the people living in the disputed region.

Posted on Apr 15, 18 | 11:27 am