ToxicTwitter - Donít let it silence women in Pakistan


Every day, many women are subjected to a torrent of abuse on Twitter. There are violent threats, sexist attacks, racism and other forms of abuse. Many women are being silenced. They are being shut out of conversations - and sometimes driven off the platform altogether.

Twitter must take action to stop this.

Sana, a journalist in Pakistan, said she feels "sorry and disappointed":
"This is not the space it was meant to be, or had the potential to be. It's been lost. [Twitter] restricts the space for engagement for many young people, especially in Pakistan."

Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, has the ability Ė and the responsibility Ė to make the social media site a safer space for all of us.

Jack Dorsey can make sure Twitter takes online abuse seriously. And, as users and potential users, we can all pressure him to do more to end online abuse.

Send the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, an email now, outlining the changes he needs to make.

With your help, we can all make sure Twitter becomes a safe space for movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and not a place where women are silenced out of fear of violence and abuse.

Many thanks,
Omar Waraich
Campaigns Director, South Asia Regional Office

Posted on Mar 31, 18 | 11:24 am