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Dr. A.Q. Khan


Not about politics, but a brief note on Nawaz Sharif. He is the Prime Minister of 22 crore, or perhaps 20 crore, people but won with only 1 crore and 47 lakh votes; the rest of the people didn’t or couldn’t vote, were underage or would have preferred to have another leader. Even if he were the PM of every single living Pakistani, having won all their votes, that would still not exempt him from following the law and being charged if he indulged in misdeeds and/or corruption. We will all have to pay for our misdeeds. The recent Senate election is writing on the wall for the PML (N). If they can lose seats in Punjab, they will be certain to do so in the Centre.

Mr. Absar Ahmad has sent me an interesting piece on Maulana Jamaluddin Afghani, a great Muslim religious leader and a crusader for Muslim unity. Allama Iqbal paid high tributes to this great scholar. Maulana Jamaluddin was born near the Afghanistan/Iran border, but was more famous as Afghani. His thinking processes and philosophies were free of nationalities and borders and he waged a struggle for the unity of Muslims everywhere. He wanted to shake them and wake them up to reality. He presented a true picture of Islam, viz. brotherhood, unity, helping each other and following Divine edicts and Hadees-e-Nabwi. To this end he travelled to Iran, Egypt, Turkey, France, Germany, etc. trying to understand the various cultures and their positive and negative aspects. During the 1857 struggle for independence he remained in Delhi and was much impressed and hurt at seeing the British atrocities and massacres. From Delhi he performed Hajj before returning to Afghanistan and becoming advisor to King Amir Dost Muhammad Khan and later to King Muhammad Azam Khan. He advised King Dost M. Khan to cultivate relations with the Russians instead of the British. Afghanistan and Russia had a long common border and Russia could help them more than the British. The British came to know of this piece of advice and from then on they became his enemy and accused him of being a Russian agent. In 1868, Sher Ali Khan took over the reign of the kingdom and Maulana Jamaluddin was forced to leave Afghanistan. In 1871 he went to Egypt, where he started campaigning for the unity of all Muslims and their political reform. He spent 8 years in Egypt. Cairo, at that time, was a cradle of Islamic civilization and culture and he took full advantage of this in spreading his views and reforms. He had many followers, the most notable being Muhammad Abduh. The British, masters at working behind the scenes in Egypt, asked the king to deport him so he travelled to Istanbul, London, Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Munich, etc. In 1883 he started publishing a newspaper in Arabic which reflected his ideas and philosophy. He even raised the problem of Palestine in his newspaper during the short period of its existence. Since its publication permission was soon withdrawn, it had to shut down after a mere three months. The Jews were, naturally, deadly against him and launched a vicious campaign against this great scholar and torchbearer of Islam.

Maulana Jamaluddin Afghani’s message was based on 4 points: open criticism and resistance to Western domination and interference; unification/alliance between Muslim countries; the adoption of the latest Western technologies; setting up an institution which could spread Islamic values. He considered all Muslim rulers to be stooges of the West. He was right; at that time it was definitely so. He made every effort to rid the respective countries of these stooges and replace them with patriotic rulers. Being but human, he made the mistake of misunderstanding and misjudging Caliph Abdul Hameed of Turkey. The Caliph was very much aware of the plots and intrigues of the Western powers. Some misguided and corrupt scholars of Al-Azhar, Cairo, issued fatwas against him. The same dirty games were being played by Western powers in Sudan against Mehdi of Sudan. Anyone who preached true Islam was taken as an enemy by the West and their stooges, as their preachings did not always agree with their own philosophies. Jamaluddin Afghani also became a target, and ultimately a victim, of these anti-Muslim forces. He was declared a Free Mason and fake documents to implicate him were distributed and circulated. He died in Istanbul and was initially buried there. Later King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan had his body brought to Kabul and buried there. The Ikhwanul Muslimeen parties in Egypt and Syria follow his teachings. May the Almighty rest his soul in peace in jannah – Ameen.

Here is something to ponder upon: We are a country where hundreds of thousands of people go to Tableeghi Ijtimas (gatherings of preachers); where hundreds of thousands travel far and wide to preach Islam to others; where hundreds of thousands travel to Saudi Arabia every year to perform Umra and Hajj; where hundreds of thousands participate in the celebration of the birthday of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); where hundreds of thousands of attend meelads and lessons from the Holy Quran; where hundreds of thousands gather and mourn the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA); where mosques are overcrowded for Friday prayers; where hundreds of thousands get together to recite vazifaz and darood; where the people are the greatest philanthropists in the world; that country is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, we are ranked 160th in honesty! Think about it; why is this? Let us ponder the benefits of all those nice things we learn about and pray for but, in the end, for which we lack the basic spirit of Islam – honesty in its broadest sense.

Posted on Mar 21, 18 | 10:07 am