Chin Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is landmark Project between China And Pakistan substantially it's terms and conditions were done during peoples party's government head Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari and its working continued in Present government of Muslim League (N). The CPEC, Project have also became controversial when few provinces especially Gilget Baltistan And AJK ( Azad Jammu Kashmir ) ,s Political parties raised their reservations over the routs and benefits of their areas, there are much resentment in Gilget Baltistan so following these reservations and reports Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has work/ warned that " India Can manage a attack on the installations of CPEC in Gilget Baltistan , referring the statement of Federal Interior Minister the representative of Gilget Baltistan interior ministry has said that the gilget baltistan interior ministry has received a letter no 221/ is 2018 from federal interior ministry in this letter has said that India has recruited 400, Muslim youths forterroris training in Afghanistan and completion of their terrorism training they will send in gilget baltistan were trained youths will attack on allied projects of CPEC like Krakrarm highway and others important installations. It is mentioned KK highway is long run spreaded from khanjrab pass to diameer district on 24, bridges are installed on KK, highway. After the reports of federal interior ministry, home sectary of gilget baltistan Javed Akraa, inspector general police, Sabir Ahmed and high ups of secret agencies visited the diameer district and reviewed the arrangements and security. Inspector General Police Sabir Ahmed directed to the DIG,s of gilget diameer and baltistan divisions to keep a vigilant eyes on foreigner visitors in the areas and put a special guards on the KK high way to foil the one subversive act of Indian agencies. Meanwhile for them.

Precautionary steps police have arrested dozens of workers of Balawarstan Front from Yasin valley in , Azad Jammu Kashmir, Home secretary of AJK. government have also issued high alerts in Azad Kashmir and letter was issued to Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of AJK Capital Muzaffarabad in which said possible attacks on the inhabitants of China who are working in various uplift suspicious about the possible attacks of terrorists in complex, hotels and governmental residential areas they included that terrorists can mix poison in the reservoir of waters.

There is no doubt that the CPEC is game changer economic project but neighboring atomic country is not happy over CPEC project especially its route from gilget baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. India have also reservations over the launching of Hydral power projects in AJK and demining this threats of peace in the region others side different political parties and others groups are also an gushed over the project of CPEC for not giving the sufficient benefit to gilget baltistan and proper compensation of their fertilizer and green belt costly the federal government should take confidence over the CPEC project to the people political parties and government of gilget baltistan and also AJK government and opposition parties of Kashmir. The people of gilget baltistan and AJK should must be given the sufficient compensation of their grabbed lands for the CPEC Project and took them in confidence. The federal government should must summon the " All Parties Conference " of gilget baltistan and AJ Kashmir political parties to remove their reservations. Instead of Azad Jammu Kashmir the reservations over the CPEC are much high in gilget baltistan. In gilget baltistan nationalist groups are organizing campaign against CPEC so local youths could be easily used for subversive activities against the install ions of CPEC. The federal government should educated the local educated youths in the project of CPEC and due share should also be given to gilget baltistan and CPEC deals should be done with the inclusion of gilget baltistan and ajk governments representatives. The arrest of youths in gilget baltistan will worst the situation and good not impact in the area. so it's good step of Police to take precautionary measurements to arrest any subversive act in the area but main thing is taking the people in confidence.

Posted on Mar 06, 18 | 10:40 am