RANDOM THOUGHTS : Advice from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) (Part II) - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Advice from the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Part II
Dr. A.Q. Khan


In Part I last week I reproduced the translated text of the last sermon, Khutbatul Wida, made by our Holy Prophet (PBUH). This week I would like to give you some more information on the atmosphere prevailing three days before the death of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Three days before his demise, the Prophet(PBUH) was staying with his wife Memuna(RA). He asked her to call all his other wives. When they all gathered together, he asked permission to allow him to pass his days of indisposition in the chamber of Hazrat Ayesha(RA), to which they unanimously agreed. He tried to get up but could not do so due to extreme weakness. Hazrat Ali(KW) and Hazrat Fazal bin Abbas(RA) then helped him to the chamber of Hazrat Ayesha(RA). This was the first time that his companions had seen him in this condition and they were shocked. People also started gathering in the mosque and it soon grew into a large crowd. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) was perspiring heavily and Hazrat Ayesha(RA) said she could hear him whispering: “There is no God but Allah – death has its own hardship.” Meanwhile, the gathering in the mosque became a bit noisy and the Prophet(PBUH) enquired what all the commotion was about. “The people are concerned about your health, O Apostle of Allah,” Hazrat Ayesha(RA) replied. He then asked to be taken to the mosque. Those present helped him get up, took him into the mosque and put him on the mimber (stand for delivering khutba). This was the last time he spoke to the people. He said: “O people, perhaps you are afraid of my death”, to which they replied in the affirmative. He then said: “O people, this world is no longer our meeting place. We will meet again at Hauz-e-Kausar. By Allah, I can see it right now from here. O people, I am not afraid that you will be short of wealth, etc., but of the over-abundance of wealth. I am afraid that you might indulge in a competition of acquiring wealth, just as past generations have done, and that you might be destroyed, as happened to them. O people, be afraid regarding prayer, be afraid of Allah, promise that you will abide by the performance of prayers.” This he repeated many times. “ O people, be afraid of Allah regarding the rights of women. I advise you to treat them with love and respect. O people, you have the prerogative to choose this world or the hereafter, which is with Allah.” Hazrat Abu Bakar(RA) was the only one who understood that what he had said he meant for himself. Hazrat Ayesha(RA) said that later, when back in her chamber, he had called their daughter, Fatima(RA) and whispered something in her ear, at which she started crying. He again whispered something and she started crying even louder. When he whispered something a third time, she looked very happy. Later, when asked, Fatima(RA) replied that the first time he had told her that he was going to leave them that night. When he saw her crying loudly, he had whispered: “Fatima, you will be the first one from my family to meet me.” At that she became happy. He then asked everyone to leave except Hazrat Ayesha(RA). He called her to come nearer and, resting his head on her chest, raised his hands towards the sky. She said: “I realized that he had decided to meet the Almighty.” Then the angel Gibrael came, greeted the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and said that the angel of death was waiting outside and was seeking permission to enter and perform his duty. He has never before asked permission to do his duty. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) said: “Please let him come in.” The angel of death entered the chamber, greeted the Prophet(PBUH) and said: “I have been commanded by the Almighty to seek your choice between staying in this world or to meet the Almighty.” The Prophet(PBUH) replied: “I prefer the best and kind company.” The angel of death (Hazrat Izrael) then went and stood by his head and said: “O sacred spirit, the spirit of Allah’s Apostle, go towards the Almighty who is kind and compassionate.” At that moment the head of the Apostle(PBUH) slid down and I could feel it becoming quite heavy on my chest, reported Hazrat Ayesha(RA) and I realized that the Apostle of Allah had gone to his creator. I opened the door to the mosque and loudly said that the Apostle of Allah was gone, whereupon there was loud moaning and crying. Hazrat Ali(KW) and Hazrat Usman(RA) sank to the ground and lay motionless. Hazrat Omar (RA) pulled out his sword and said that if anyone claimed that the Prophet(PBUH) was dead, he would chop off their head. “My Prophet(PBUH) has gone to meet Allah and he will return, just as Hazrat Musa did. He will be back soon.” The only person who controlled his feelings was Hazrat Abu Baker(RA). He entered the chamber where the Holy Prophet(PBUH) lay, put his head on the Prophet’s chest, wept and said: “O my dear colleague, O my dear mentor, O my Apostle of Allah.” Then he kissed the Prophet’s forehead and said: “Ya Rasul Allah you were honest and pious and you are leaving as honest, pious and God-fearing.” He then left the chamber and spoke to the people present in the mosque, saying: “O people, listen! Those who worshiped Muhammed (PBUH), he has passed away, but those who worshipped Allah Almighty must know that He is alive forever and He will never die.” Upon hearing this, the sword fell from the hand of Hazrat Omar(RA) and he looked for a quiet corner to sit and cry. Hazrat Fatima(RA) then asked the people how they would find the courage to throw sand on the face of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then she cried: “My dear father has died, my dear father has died. He has gone to his creator. My father has reached the heaven near to the Almighty. O my father, I give you the tiding of the arrival of the angel Gibrael (Peace be upon Muhammed, Allah’s last Apostle)”.

I hope this information will encourage all to follow the instructions given to us by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Posted on Feb 27, 18 | 10:10 am