19 February 2018


Misuse of govt. resources by the political rulers and parties is so openly and blatantly being done that one simply wonders if there is any – for heavens’ sake – any respect for the rule of law, code of conduct, ethics and morality, realization between honesty and dishonesty, self respect or self discipline found in them as well as in the govt. functionaries that oblige them.

The case in point – and that’s not the only case, for, almost all political leaders and parties succumb to this scum one time or the other - is the MNS and MN address at the Sheikhupura PMLN rally on 18th instant, where shown live on our TV screen were the Municipal Committee Sheikhupura vehicles so brazenly hoisting the MNS large size panaflex posters and an Electric Supply vehicle so shamelessly stealing electricity for the rally stage, sound system and lighting etc.!! What all that could not be seen would have also taken place there - one can only guess ?!!

On can understand the helplessness of the poor low grade govt. functionaries who cannot risk their service, but what about some of the higher ups even at the level of Provincial and Federal Secretaries, DGs and Directors, IGs and Commissioners etal, who do not stand up to show any spine or moral courage and not do anything unlawful required of them.

Now, can anyone please tell me including the CJP, who will take any legal action against such blatant misuse of govt. resources by the corrupt politicians and rulers? Or, should we all just remain silent spectators and keep cursing ourselves for being ‘blessed’ with such leaders and rulers and vote them again and again and again to power ?????????

Verily true, wretched rulers are imposed upon the wretched people.

Col.Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Posted on Feb 20, 18 | 9:09 am