The above call for referendum can be equated with Mujib’s six points. Nawaz Sharif has very clearly declared that his win in the referendum will be a vindication against the Panama judgement verdict. By quoting Mujib he has declared an open war against the Supreme Court, the five Judges who gave the verdict and the army who he believes supported/instigated the court against him. This letter is being copied to the army chief and DG ISI and I would caution them to be vigilant against military preparation by Nawaz like the Mukti Bahini was trained by the Indian forces. He has a very large police force around Jati Umra and he may be funding them to take on the army if he declared a war. Such a preparation may also be taking place among Punjab Taliban. We have been caught napping on several occasions.

The constant restrain and humiliation of the Judiciary and army has not only taken the sting out of the Panama verdict, it has vividly made the two institutions very weak in public eye. Further, the copy government of Khakan Abbasi is stand still since July 2017 and another five months will further weaken the State that will bring it on its knees. Nawaz Sharif past clashes will the Presidency, Judiciary and the army should be enough proof to understand and envision the consequences post 2018 Referendum/Election. Nawaz Sharif will march into Islamabad on the wings of election irrespective of any verdict against him in NAB cases. Nihal Hashmi’s verdict should have been exemplary to stop the other cronies from humiliating the judges and judiciary. This soft verdict is an indication that future court verdicts against Nawaz and his cronies may be even softer. In any case the court is cutting branches by punishing these paid cronies of Nawaz Sharif. The court must go for the root by indicting Nawaz and his daughter for contempt of court. Both should have been behind bars by now. The Judiciary and Army may have been missled by the bureaucracy by creating fear that any action against Nawaz will make him a hero. The restrain by these two institutions has already made Nawaz a hero.

It looks like the nation is being willfully led to a disaster to save guard this democracy led by a few autocrats who owns the political parties. Judge Sahib, you have a choice to lead the country to a disaster by holding the election or create a name in history to have saved the country through an extended Interim government that can rebuild Pakistan. If a new beginning is being made, it would be proper that the leadership of the Interim government is given on merits and should not be the choice of Nawaz Sharif and Khursheed Shah. I have severally advised that the potential candidates should be invited to declare their agendas for rebuilding Pakistan and the best may be given the coveted slot.

Posted on Feb 07, 18 | 10:45 am