The Tragic Story of Hafsa Sana, a Dentist from Gulbaraga now battling for life - BY: Mujtaba Hasan Askari

Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers/Sisters & Respected Elders,

Hafsa Sana, is a 23 years, resident of Gulbarga, Karnataka coming from a humble & pious family after completing her Bachelors in Dental Medicine (BDS), she was doing her internship when she was suddenly diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis (Brain TB) in 2016.

Disease take a double Toll

She suffered the first blow, when she could not complete her Internship due to the illness and secondly her engagement was called off from the boys side when the disease was known. She was operated in May 2017 for tuberculomas that were formed in her brain due to TB in CNS Hospital Solapur after partial recovery she was advised to consult a specialist Neuro Surgeon in Pune for a second opinion.

Meets with an Accident loses her mother

On her way back after consultation she suffered the second blow where the car she was travelling met with a ghastly accident near Bhigwan ( Pune Solapur) Highway. The accident resulted in poly trauma which fractured her pelvic bone, ribs with an injury to liver - Hafsa Sana also lost her mother in the same accident - she was shifted to Ashwini Hospital in Pune in an unconscious state and till date she is not aware that she lost her mother in the tragic accident. Hafsa has elder brothers who do small time private jobs and are now struggling to meet their ends meet and the medical expenses at the hospital.

Appeal & Prayer

Hafsa Sana now needs at least 4 to 6weeks of critical care /medical management for the multiple fractures & Brain TB which will approx cost Rs 3 to 3.5 lacs ( See estimate) . She is an orphan and a miskin and deserves all our empathy. KINDLY COME FORWARD AND HELP BRING BACK THIS GIRL TO LEAD A NORMAL LIFE FREE OF DEBTs & FEAR. IF ALLAH WILLS SHE CAN GO BACK AND COMPLETE HER INTERNSHIP AND CAN BE A DENTIST.

Posted on Feb 04, 18 | 11:20 am