Sikander Shah's analysis on Trump’s Jerusalem Statement is a Blessing in Disguise for Muslims

1. These papers should be saved in the archives of corridor of State so that when the history of demise of Pakistan is written, the historians should see this evidence that the Institutions were fore warned of an impending collapse of State but it was wilfully ignored under the clouds of lust and power.
2. It is commonly believed that the System has collapsed and what constitute the System “Institutions” that was vividly seen on Faizabad Intersection, open abuse of the Judiciary and Military on the roads of Pakistan, complete silence from the two institutions and allowing it to happen, Monarchic pomp of motorcade displayed by a disgraced Robin Baron wilfully, the recent acquittal of a murderer Shahruk Jatoi (son of a feudal) and the list can go on. There are two reasons for Shahruk acquittal. The father of the boy accepted blood money and that should speak volume about the deterioration of our moral values. The second reason can be coerce of the father and his family by the feudal and the system that may have forced the father to save the rest of his family.
3. If Media were to be believed, another NRO has concluded. The minus one formula has worked and Nawaz Sharif has nomination Shabaz Sharif as the next PM and Marium as the future Chief Minister of Punjab. This should speak volume about the future outcome of the coming elections. There has also been the distribution of crumbs to other parties in Sindh, Sarhad and Balauchistan. This NRO will leave the power structure intact of all the Institutions to enjoy lust and power.
4. The collapse of State will not be by the people (including literate and illiterate) whose votes have been regimented to allow the plunder and power by State Institutions from time memorial. It will collapse under the shear weight of inefficiency and corruption by state Institutions that has been adequately explained in Para 2. The heads of State Institutions are immune to better options and not even ready to listen.
5. The land that Constitute Pakistan, has always been the gateway to all invaders to Delhi. This land has a history of offering their decorated beds to all the invaders that has continued to this day. We as a nation prefer to brush under the carpet and that is why my home grown economic programme is pending implementation since 2009 that would change the destiny of Pakistan. We have preferred to take the easy option to borrow. Today Pakistan owes 85B USD to foreigner donors that has subjugated us to foreign dictate. We have sold our sovereignty to China for 50B dollars. There can be three reasons for it. It will enhance our foreign exchange and save a default next year. The route from Kashgar to Gawadar through Kashmir will safeguard our water. The expected Chines military presence in Gawadar will provide extra security to Pakistan. China military has already been given a lease of 99 against non payment of loan to build a Port in Siri Lanka.
6. We got our independence on a plate and that is why we have no respect for sovereignty. Ask the Palestinians and Kashmiris what it means. It is time Pakistan change gear and reform the system through an Interim Technocrat Government to save it from collapsing. The Robin Baron Nawaz has never seen the might of a State and there is no reason to be reactive and scared from the abuses he is hurling at the Judiciary and Military. He is doing so because no one is stopping him.

Posted on Dec 25, 17 | 4:35 am