Jinnah Remembered in Riyadh by Lady Members of Pakistan Writes Club - By: Ms. Qundeel Aymen


Riyadh - Members of the Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club Riyadh aka: PWC-LC recently assembled together to commemorate and pay homage to nation's father Muhammad Ali Jinnah (also known as the Quaid-e-Azam or a Great Leader) on his 142nd birth anniversary.

The Quaid was born on the 25th day of December 1876 in Karachi – in the same city where his final resting place – the iconic mausoleum is located.

He was a multifaceted person of great leadership quality and who also touched the glory in each field. He is credited wholly & solely for the creation a new a country – a new nation – called Pakistan.

Although he died long ago but his legacy still lives on. The nation and its leaders are bound to follow his golden principles of Unity – Faith – Discipline.

This year Madiha Malik - the PWC-LC Convener of PWC-LC - hosted a sitting to reminisce and pay homage to the father of the nation.

Madiha Malik paid rich tributes to the Quaid and mentioned that the nation is deeply indebted to him for his gift to us in the shape of Pakistan. “Today’s gathering is about the Quaid’s empowerment of the women of that time and encouraging them to take the lead in the struggle for creation of Pakistan, “Madiha Malik added.

Shumaila Malik - Deputy Convener of PWC-LC – in her talk focused on the Quaid’s role in making sure active participation of the women the independence movement. “All-India Muslim Women’s Subcommittee was shaped that was the harbinger of active involvement of women into the fold of the political struggle for creation of Pakistan, “Shumaila mentioned.

Qundeel Aymen (PRO PWC-LC) opinionated that men and women were complementary to each other however, it has been observed that in the struggle towards creation of Pakistan, women had made a gross difference. “At that time of extreme uncertainty, the Quaid had acknowledged & valued the contribution of women, “Qundeel informed.

Madiha Noman (Event Coordinator of PWC-LC) mentioned that Pakistan today remains poor without our dear & respected Quaid. “Quaid was of the viewpoint that no society can flourish unless its women are treated equally. In one of the occasions, he had also mentioned that there were two powers in the world – one was sword and the other pen, but there was a third power stronger than both, and that was women, “Madiha Noman added.

Ambreen Faiz – senior member of PWC-LC - remarked that it was the Quaid who had chosen to break away from the accepted traditional view of the role of Muslim women in the society and had brought a transformation in them. “It was because of his sheer vision & conviction that had brought a social reform among the women of that time. This also forms and remains a part of the golden legacy that the Quaid has left for us, “Ambreen opinionated

Irum Amir expressed her notion that the development process would ceases if the contribution of women to were to withdraw. “It was only Quaid’s vision & direction that the women became more proactive in the movement for creation of Pakistan, “Irum added.

Dr. Farah Nadia paid glowing tribute to the Quaid’s trust on women’s abilities and that is one reason he also involved his younger sister Fatima Jinnah in day to day activities in the movement for creation of Pakistan. “The Quaid had also some other leading ladies of that time namely: Begum Ra'ana Liaqat Ali Khan, Lady Abdullah Haroon, Lady Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah and many others. Fatima Jinnah later was bestowed with the coveted honor of the title of the Mother of the Nation, “Dr. Farah mentioned.

Sonia Kashif, Dr. Naghma Rehan and Shaheen Javed expressed words of praise for the Quaid. All of them mentioned that the Quaid in his various speeches and his writing and also by his action had shown trust & confidence on the abilities of the Pakistani women and that it was because of his trust that the women in Pakistan are seen today to be contributing well in all spheres of life.

In her concluding remarks, the host Convener Madiha Malik mentioned that Pakistan was a gift from the Quaid. “He had considered the role of women in the development of society as important as that of men. Quaid had often spoken about the responsibilities which he envisioned for women. He had believed that women’s participation in politics and social welfare work was not only beneficial but also essential for the wellbeing of the community, "Madiha Malik added.

Convener Madiha Malik thanked each and every member of PWC-LC for finding time to share their opinion about the Quaid. The sitting concluded on a happy note with a high tea.

Ms. Qundeel Aymen is a Riyadh-Based Freelance Writer and the PRO (Public Relations Officer) of
the Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club – Riyadh.

Posted on Dec 20, 17 | 12:09 am