Look Ma, no hands - BY: Fakir S.Ayazuddin

Finally the dignity and respect of the judiciary has been restored to the Supreme Court, with just one judgement.

​If anything, Nawaz Sharif can be marked as having discredited the Supreme Court, after having been caught on tape, ordering Justice Qay​y​um to write an order in the High Court that was clearly subversion of justice. Qay​y​um was removed from the bench, but the person issuing the orders was not punished. And was made Chief Minister of Punjab. Surely both persons were guilty of subverting the law?

In a similar action after the Saj​j​ad Ali Shah, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan​ refused to bow to the dictates of the Sharifs, Nawaz engineered a revolt in the then Supreme on a payment of four Crores of Rupees to two judges in Baluchistan (one being Justice Rafique Tarrar.) additionally compensated by being elevated to the Presidency of Pakistan! Nawaz Sharif has indeed played havoc with the judiciary of this poor country. This track record established by the Sharif family has indeed set ​a bad precedent and the entire family should be debarred from holding any position in any Government​,​ federal or Provincial.

As remarked by one of the judges, it was a government being run as a mafia.​

​The cost to the nation was beyond comprehension, worse still it has left the Punjabis confused into believing that their leader did nothing wrong. The constitution of Pakistan should be re​-​written after the Assembly’s have been cleansed of the filth that has infested our Assemblies. The new constitution should include the death penalty for any deviation. Nawaz and Shabaz are obviously beyond redemption and should suffer the maximum. It is inconceivable that Nawaz or Shabaz or Altaf or Zardari can be tried without tearing the country apart.

That is why a new constitution should be written.

One thing is very clear. As the four criminals named above (Nawaz, Shahbaz, Altaf ​&​ Zardari​)​ are convinced that that they have done nothing wrong. Having been elected by a large margin they are convinced they are above the law, and they are not subject to any laws. Even murder is not to be visited on them. That is the prime reason the constitution has to be re-written. For these politicians. perhaps Islamic punishments could be proscribed. Seeing Nawaz Sharif striding into Harrods to try on his latest watch would look strange if he had no hands!

Perhaps the final line would deny the right to a trial by any politician, and he should be tried by twelve of the poorest in the kingdom. Their poverty should have been caused at the excessive wealth amassed by dubious and unexplained wealth as in the case of the ‘Sharif billions, Park Lane flats.’

This has been the time tested only reliable method. ‘If you can’t explain where it came from you stole it’.. this formula if strictly applied would disqualify all the current members of the Assemblies and the Senate. The ICS of England had already recognised the crime, it is now important that th punishment be proscribed sufficiently violent and horrific to establish a horrific precedent. So no Gullu Butt would dare stray and steal. The Arabs were right in chopping hands.. It would make them less productive and more viable by being identifiable. Zardaris and Sharifs would be hard pressed to lord it over the others with only one hand. Also, this must be coupled with the confiscation of wealth, of all relatives near and distant, so that the relatives themselves should stay at a distance lest their property be tainted and liable to confiscation.

These are strict measures but the country is close to collapse, and if justice does not prevail then all is truly lost.

Finally the legal system has been tried, but has been bent out of shape, and a new system needs to be drawn up. In its present form the corrupt are in power and rule unabashed and all powerful.

Fakir S.Ayazuddin ayazfakir@gmail.com

Posted on Dec 20, 17 | 12:08 am