RANDOM THOUGHTS: Incompetence - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan


Dr. A.Q. Khan


The Supreme Court has disqualified Nawaz Sharif from being the Prime Minister of Pakistan and declared him to have been dishonest and a liar. What a shame for the nation! Now we hear him openly saying so what if his income cannot warrant his assets. How can we ever get rid of corruption if that is the mindset of our leaders?

The Supreme Court decision brings to mind some relevant verses. “Idher udher ki na baat kar, yeh bata ke qafla kaun luta? Mujhe rahzanoh se gila nahin teri rehbari ka sawal he.” “Kia jane rehnuma ko buri kis liye lagi; Rahru to ker rahe the kis rahzan ki baat.” “Kisko rahber janen, kisko rahzan janen; Aaj rahber-o-rahzan sath sath chalte hen.” “Ye kia hua ke cheekh uthe ehle karwan; Rahbar ke zikr men to na thi rahzan ki baat.” “Rahzan ke bare me aur kia kahun khul kar; Mir-e-karwan yaro, mir-e karwan yaro.” These verses inspired me to write one of my own. “Idher udher ki na baat ker, ye bata ke dharna keun hua? Mujhe maulveun sey gila nahin, teri ehliat ka sawal he.” Can Mr. Ahsan Iqbal answer this?

The appearance of Nawaz Sharif and his children before the JIT gave one the impression of an emperor entering his court. One look at all the expensive cars made one shudder. We are, after all, a developing (read “underdeveloped”) nation. Inkisari seems to be a word unknown to them. It appears that he and his entourage were under the illusion that they would be received with due courtesy and open arms, instead of which he was sent home for having an Iqama (residential permit). An Iqama gives many facilities in the host country including coming and going at will, running a business and operating bank accounts. It was this last facility which was used for suspected money laundering. If all dealings are above board, account books will be audited regularly and signed by chartered accountants. This money did not come from a running business.

Having to appear before the JIT, and the subsequent disqualification, brought forth the wrath of Mian Sb, his children and his sycophants. The use of derogatory language against the judges and the judiciary was totally unacceptable and unpardonable. His colleagues and those that surround him continued their nasty rhetoric for days on end, irritating many of us by their illogical and unwise reasoning. They have to realize, and accept, that the 5 honourable judges were neutral, knew their jobs well and were not in the pay of Nawaz’s enemies, either local or foreign. Now he and those around him claim that they have not been charged or accused of corruption. If that is the case, why have they been indicted? This can only be done on solid proof. Why claim that it should be nobody’s problem if his assets are more than his legal income? It has been Pakistan’s misfortune to have been mostly ruled by like-minded people.

Public opinion has become very powerful and the term “public trial” is heard more and more often. Nawaz Sharif claims his disqualification is unjustified because he has the support of millions of peopIe. If we allow courts to be bypassed, then what about the huge gatherings brought together by Imran Khan, Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Altaf Hussain. If they decided on a more severe punishment, would Nawaz Sharif accept it? Not likely. President Trump won with a thumping majority, but his Presidential Order was struck down by ordinary judges, not even the Supreme Court, despite his overwhelming win.

Incompetence is evident everywhere. Recently Ahsan Iqbal, Interior Minister, was appointed Minister for Planning. The Planning Division is always run by a Deputy Chairman (a Federal Minister) with the Prime Minister as Chairman. Mr. Sartaj Aziz, former Foreign and Finance Minister and now Deputy Chairman Planning Division, is a very competent, experienced and educated officer. Why should he be put under Ahsan Iqbal? Not putting the most competent person in the right place comes at a high price, but we never seem to learn from past mistakes.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the government tried to push through the latest Amendment to the Constitution to please the U.S. How could it be possible to overlook or ignore such an important part of the oath? Highly unacceptable and bordering on stupid was the remark by the Speaker of the National Assembly that it was a clerical mistake. It was a highly mischievous and subtle attempt to mislead the nation. Everyone knows that modified clauses are always put together with the changes made and are highlighted for all to see and compare with the original text. This was intentionally omitted this time. In the same way as the Almighty took responsibility for safeguarding the sanctity and truth of the Holy Quran, so also He took responsibility for safeguarding the sanctity of His last Prophet (PBUH). There is no doubt that the Law Ministry, the Speaker, etc. were all involved in this attempt at hoodwinking the nation to please their masters. Where has our self-respect gone? Past rulers have been known to sell the country upon receiving a single phone call.

It is most unfortunate that Nawaz Sharif and his close family and supporters (some of them turncoats) resorted to nasty rhetoric and indulged in a blame game when under pressure. It would have been much more dignified and acceptable if they had kept a low profile and fought their cases legally in court without any fanfare. We were unfortunate enough to have to listen to many of his sycophants trying to outdo each other in their defence tactics.

The damage done to the country by dictator Musharraf (FC College friend of Aslam Sukhera) and Nawaz Sharif is substantial and their characters cannot be redeemed or salvaged. Both proved to be incompetent rulers, surrounding themselves with many incompetent self-seekers and not placing the right people in the right place. Unfortunately, the future does not seem any brighter – may Divine intercession help us!

Posted on Dec 03, 17 | 11:42 pm