Disgraceful Performance of our Parliamentarians - "Prostitution of our 163 souls" by Haider Mehdi (Khaled Nizami)

ISLAMABAD: The PPP-sponsored bill seeking to restore the bar on a disqualified persons from holding party office was defeated with a 163-98 vote in the National Assembly. The only minor embarrassment for the PML-N was the defiance of former prime minister and government ally Zafarullah Khan Jamali, who openly voted with the opposition benches.

The official attendance record shows that as many as 62 members, mostly belonging to the ruling party and its allies, were absent from the assembly session on Tuesday. Prominent PML-N members who skipped the assembly session were Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif and Minister for Food Sikandar Bosan from Multan; Raza Hayat Harraj from Khanewal; Jaffar Leghari from Rajanpur; Sultan Hanjra and Basit Bokhari from Muzaffargarh; Najeeb Awaisi and Tahir Bashir Cheema from Bahawalpur; Alamdad Laleka from Bahawalnagar; Khusro Bakhtiyar from Rahim Yar Khan; Chaudhry Bilal Virk from Nankana Sahib; Najaf Abbas Sial from Jhang; Rana Umar Nazeer from Gujranwala; Dr Nisar Jatt from Faisalabad; Raja Matloob Mehdi from Jhelum and Nazir Khan from Fata

Date: 23 November 2017
Prostitution of our 163 souls - Haider Mehdi
Let us honour the 98 who stood tall!

"Roll up that map; it will not be wanted these tnen years" said William Pitt,the British Prime Minister in December 1805, upon seeing a map of Europe and after Napolean Bonaparte's victory in the Battle of Austeriltz, against the British, the French and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Roll up this Constitution says this wretched Country, Pakistan.

Burn it. Stuff it in the garbage.

Burn this Parliament. Bury these 163 prostituted Souls who shamelessly stood up, some embarrassingly looking at their feet as the death knell of our morality was sounded and these moral imbeciles voted against the bill prohibiting a disqualified person to head a political party.

The Nation cried as we saw all sense of our Nation's self respect rubbished under the feet of these horrible and evil souls who voted to keep a criminal, a money launderer, a forgerer, a liar, a debased person as their party leader.

The great Thund Abbassi clan of the hills of Murree from which our 6 foot 3 inch PM Khaqan Abbassi belongs, will need quite some time to wipe off this dark stain from their honour, if ever there was any.

I'm ashamed to admit that this man has walked the portals of my alma mater, Lawrence College. An institution which has prided itself in producing men of honour, rare and dishonorable exceptions like him, aside.

And what of the other 162 prostituted Souls?

What of the Chaudhry from Wah? The great Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, the brave press conference warrior, the before and after hair club of men, model?

What a shame to his clan notorious for their slavish boot licking of the British, and desperately trying to redeem its honour, now back in the dust and his famiy's dishonourable legacy continues.

The less said about Saad Rafique. His upbringing is reflected in his behaviour. This is the mettle that allowed India to be raped by foreign invaders for thousands of years. It is the Saad Rafiques of our history, thundering with fire and brimstone defending their masters who raped this land.

And the rest? What of them.

Let history record their names. Their clans. Their Baradaris. Their constituencies.

Let the names of their spouses and children be listed and known.

Let us ask these wretched souls the values they have taught their own children and the example they have set for them!

What if your child asks you?

Will you hire a thief and a criminal to become a member of your team?

Will you hire a criminal to become your driver, your cook, your house help?

Will you hire a liar, a forgerer, a money launderer, a criminal a crook as an employee in your own business?

Will you send your children to schools being run by criminals and convicts?

Will you marry your children, your siblings, to a criminal, a liar and a money launderer?

Are you telling the Nation that we are a society where being a criminal is Ok?
Where stealing is Ok? Where forgery is Ok?
Where lying is Ok?
Where looting and plundering this nation's wealth is Ok?

Shame on you, you shameless animals.
You have soiled and tainted and tarnished the soul of our Nation, of our Assembly of our Constitution, with your blackened souls.
Shame on those who brought you up and taught you these values.

Not only do you shame yourself and your parents and children and families but all those teachers and professors who taught you. You bring shame to those schools and colleges you attended.

Let history list the names of the schools and colleges your despicable evil souls attended. And with great sorrow and my head hanging in shame I see Lawrence College at the top of the list. Khaqan Abbassi has brought great shame to this great institution.

Let today be recorded as Pakistan's day of Shame!

Let this day, when and if we are able to lift ourselves out of this moral degradation and ethical gutter, be forever damned in history.

Let then, when we are cleansed of this dark stain, our children be taught in our schools and colleges and universities, how a society can degrade itself to the level that it did today.

And how we should never be allowed to degrade ourselves to these levels again.

Let the names of these 163 prostituted Souls be spread far and wide to shame them and their families and their children.

Roll up the constitution. Burn it.

There's something terribly wrong with a society which will defend the sanctity of our most revered personage but will allow an evil man to become the head of a political party.

This farce must end! Enough. We've had Enough!

Roll up this damn Constitution and this bunch of vagabonds and prostituted souls who cannot defend the soul of Pakistan and represent it's people.

Burn it!

And let us honour the 98 who stood tall!

- Haider Mehdi

Posted on Nov 26, 17 | 12:44 am