Supreme Court asks the Government to find out "Who is behind the Maulvis' Dharna??? - BY: Khaled Nizami

The Supreme Court has asked the Attorney General, IB and the Ministry of Interior to find out as to who is behind the Moulvis' Dharna.
Supreme Court noted that someone is financing them. Also they are being supplied with ​food, water and​ electrical power for their sound system and charging their mobiles. ​ Why their power supply is not being cut off???​

​If there are some sensitive issues, ​SC suggested that ​ the briefing be held in a closed door session.

There is a clip which is in circulation to give a clue to the above.

It's a part of big plan aimed at...

1. Show failure of police operations.

2. Suck in the Army n get few dead maulvis.

3. Start propaganda against beliefs of COAS.

4. Nationwide riots.

5. Emergency n curfew to finally ask or compel Army takeover.

6. Show the West that it was all Army's game thus convincing them on cases against sharifs being politically motivated, hence they'll not confiscate their wealth...

7. Aim to save plundered money achieved n sharifs will also lve Pak to enjoy wealth & wait for suitable time to befool voters yet again after few yrs may b...🙏

​ It is quite likely that PML ​-​ N has deliberately created this chaos to throw a challenge to the Army.
Nawaz Sharif fully supports the dharna, glorifies it and taunts the Army in the end....that those who consider themselves "ahl" should handle this now....

The Army has understood the whole game...and COAS has issued a statement advising the government to handle the situation ​ carefully​ in a peaceful manner.

Posted on Nov 26, 17 | 5:13 am