What Is Matter of Concern and Caution About ‘WORLD SIKH PARLIAMENT’? - By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Emblem of Sikhism: Deg Tegh Fateh

Once, I felt tempted to be member of an organization after paying Rupees one thousand (Rs1000=OOP), that was being created parallel or was a part of an old ‘World Sikh Organisation (WSO)’ without understanding and bothering about the activities of such ‘World Sikh Organisation (WSO)’.

I was tempted to do so after listening the speech of Jathedar Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Jasbir Singh Rode, who appreciated me there at Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Ludhiana by saying that an intellectual, Balbir Singh Sooch arrived in our gathering also.

But (when I was tempted by that chocolate cake!), then I was saved to do so by an elderly, experienced, intelligent S. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, who served in police earlier, mostly in Police intelligence till he (S. Gurbhajan Singh Gill-Founder President of Sikh Vichar Manch- 13 April 1919-14 February 2005) retired as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Now, Sikhs may decide where is former Jathedar Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Jasbir Singh Rode etc?

At whose instance, now the Sikhs need ‘WORLD SIKH PARLIAMENT’ through closely known to me *Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, who is facing hardship in various Jails since more than 21 years? That’s matter of concern and caution only!

*’Jagtar Singh Hawara (Punjabi: ਜਗਤਾਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਹਵਾਰਾ) born (May 16, 1973) is a claimant to the position of 31st Jathedar of Akal Takht, the highest spokesman of the Sikh community. He was appointed by a Sarbat Khalsa in 2015. Hawara is a member of Babbar Khalsa and convicted as a conspirator in the assassination of 12th Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh’. Courtesy: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Posted on Nov 12, 17 | 5:38 am