WHAT A SHAME: Shameless explanations, shameful justifications, hooters, looters and hypocrits - BY: Lt Gen ​(R) Tariq Khan (with thanks to Khaled Nizami)

Pakistan is the only country in the world with a constitution that allows a Thief, Liar and a Cheat to head a political party.

Ex-PM Jamali : 'I pray that this dead assembly is removed before I die'.

They amended the constitution. They said they had majority and they could. Now we are the only country in the world that has a consitution that states that a thief, liar and a cheat is 'qualified' to head a political party. The amendment was followed by cheering. They said it was the voice of 200 million people. A reflection of what we are.

Our worthy finance minister refuses to resign even after being indicted for theft. He has a stout heart and a thick skin. Nothing shames the former and little can penetrate the latter. Its like employing a cat to protect the milk. But who am I to complain when that is what the majority wants and of course the majority is always right. The power of the vote they say.

They said they did not amend the Oath, that the amendment that surfaced suddenly was a clerical error. The Law Minister said this with straight face. Seems he is to be believed.The whole parliament was so eager to sign the amendment that in their speed they over looked the clerical error. This happens but only in our democracy.

Then the thief-in-law spoke. He thundered out his speech with committment. He was angry. We dont know why. He was scaring the women in the parliament, there was no one else to scare. He said he would not tolerate the non muslims in the Army or the Government. People applauded. They were the same who missed the clerical error. They dont know why they applauded but they did anyway, perhaps they thought it was their duty.

The economy is in the boom-docks. They said loans are taken. Its routine. They said it condescendingly. Not to worry, you will see, they said. Unqualified people such as I have pointed it out since a year or more, that our economy is obviously failing. They now say its because the chief crook was removed. I think the degrees and certificates of our economists and experts should now be discreetly placed where the sun never shines.

They squeal that they have constitutional rights, they whine that the law must follow its course. They say it with the innocence of a village woman arguing in the street and the confidence of a rogue on a roll. They forget that they have left no law violated, no constitutional ruling defaced and no institution intact. That they can never be held accountable through regular procedures or established practices. They have left us ungoverable and that their prosecution must move on inspite of the government.

Shameless explanations, shameful justification, hooters, looters and hypocrits.

The real sense of the situation is so distinctly elaborated in ex PM Jamali's statement, 'I pray that this dead assembly is removed before I myself die'.

Are we the p ​e ople to now be subjected to knaves like this thief in law?

Are we the people to suffer these fools till this country succumbs to their stupudity?

Are we the people to be abandoned and left at the mercy of this rabid lot if demented people foaming at the mouth as they let down their own Army and Judicary?

Posted on Oct 22, 17 | 6:31 am