The Vote Control or May Be Money Control, But There Is No Pollution Control In India. Why? - BY: Balbir Singh Sooch


1. India Matters For Those: Who are themselves polluted-dirty, ‘to make somebody morally or spiritually impure’ unhygienic get others polluted-corrupt or defile others-‘to make somebody morally or spiritually impure’ and support polluters in lieu of donations and such polluted were penniless, jobless and their families short of daily meals, but after joining politics and became mediators of the administration especially of the police and are in crores, wealthy and known respectable leaders in the eye of generally polluters of India.

2. Who did falsely highlight and assist them as one of the heroes and the patriots of my India? GUESS? To answer all the questions always not possible as common Indians feel always terrorized from elected and unelected actors in India.

3. With the result, the lawless polluters etc and the pollution are out of reach of law and of the judgments of the higher courts against the pollution, social evils etc since so-called independence of India”. Balbir Singh Sooch observed

Posted on Oct 22, 17 | 6:22 am