image1st October is celebrated as International Day for the Older People.

Our elders have seen their days; they have worked & toiled for their family and for their country. Hence, we must celebrate this day as a payback to our elderly people.

Life and Death are the two utmost inevitable truth & realities. Without any exception, from Cradle to Grave, every living being has to pass through different stages of life - that is from childhood to youth and finally to the treachery of old age. However, every stage of life has its own charms and beauty.

People who yearn for eternity are really naive. A person attains old age and in a way accumulates a lot of valuable treasures of experience - most of them are harsh and bitter. One invests his/her entire life for the betterment of his family, but when he/she approaches the old age he/she finds that the investments made did not give useful & gainful returns.

At that turning point everybody often abandon them and they often land in an old house. This is the tragic end of an old age.

Old age is quite mature stage of life. Every society is duty bound to take care of them and utilize their services in the best manner possible.

It is often seen that an old person is no better than a child who is just born and is learning in his/her mother\s lap. The question remains as to why an old person behaves like a child? The answer is very simple. The earth is round – like a circle – and likewise life is also round and moves in a circle – from a child to an old and back to a child.. It begins from nothingness and ends also on nothingness.

An old person pampers his family throughout his life and brings the best what he can. When he smells the flames of old age, his expectation level rises. Here he forgets that “Expectations always hurt”.

The basic human rights become shaken and the inequality prevails. Unfortunately, no specific provision has been legislated in the present world order. In most societies, after retirement, there are no adequate pension schemes. There is no health allowance; there is no special facility for them.

Older persons are the inseparable blocks of social and national fabric. They are essential for the integrity of the family. On metaphorical grounds, the world is the true manifesto of a station; where passengers come and go. The stay is not very long – and not for good.

One day our parents are passing their days in the old house, and the other day we will be lodged – in the same place. We have to raise a voice for our own future security measures.

In conclusion, we must make it a point to celebrate our elderly people and celebrate 1st October every year as a dedicated day for our elderly people.

And, other than the old house, some kind of a platform in terms of societies or organizations must be formed where the potential of the elderly could be gainfully utilized.

Qundeel Aymen is a freelance writer. She is the incumbent PRO (Public Relations Officer) of the Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club - Riyadh


Posted on Oct 04, 17 | 6:14 am