PRC symposium call for use of peaceful nuclear technology - BY: Syed Mussarat Khalil

PRC symposium call for use of peaceful nuclear technology

Saudi Gazette JEDDAH — The Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) held in VIP hall of Mehran Restaurant a symposium titled “Nuclear Technology — our need and obligation” on 19th anniversary of Pakistan’s detonation of nuclear device on May 28. It was presided by renowned intellectual, scholar and ex-diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi. The event started with recitation of verses from the holy Qur’an by Qari Abdul Majeed. Naat and patriotic song was presented by Sher Afzal. In his address, Dr. Al-Ghamdi said that nuclear explosion of 1998 was a vital milestone for the defense of Pakistan and a strong Pakistan is essential for whole Ummah. He paid tribute to nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and his team for developing nuclear technology for the safety and security of the country. He supported the topic of symposium that nuclear technology should be used for peaceful purposes to benefit the common man of not only Pakistan but it can serve whole Muslim world. He also said the great nuclear state should not forget its quarter million patriotic citizens languishing in Bangladesh since 1971. He was very optimistic when Nawaz Sharif became prime minister for third tenure but unfortunately has not taken any step for repatriation of those Pakistanis though he promised to do so. Pakistan should adapt PRC proposal of self-finance scheme based on employment in Saudi Arabia and GCC to generate money for their repatriation and rehabilitation. Pakistan should issue passports to the stranded Pakistanis. He urged India to arrange plebiscite in Kashmir as per UN resolution. Convener Syed Ehsan-ul-Haque welcomed Dr. Al-Ghamdi and all participants. He urged Prime Mnister Nawaz Sharif to create Nuclear Research University headed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to educate and explore the production of electricity to enhance agriculture, medical and industrial needs to benefit not only Pakistanis but also can earn precious foreign exchange by exporting them. He appealed to the government to restart the process of repatriation and rehabilitation of stranded Pakistanis. To overcome the paucity of fund, he suggested to implement PRC proposal of settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self-finance basis. He also appealed that the Pakistani high commissioner at Dhaka should be assigned to take care of food, health, life and security of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh. OIC should include in its agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis. Hamid Islam Khan deputy convener PRC opened the symposium and briefed all about the main aspect of it. He also reiterated PRC mission of repatriation of stranded Pakistanis and rights of self determination of Kashmiris. Religious Scholar Tariq Mahmood referred Qur’anic verses to justify investing on defense need of Pakistan. Akram Agha, Shamsuddin Altaf, Jamil Rathore, Raja Zareen Khan, Mohammad Amanatullah, Tayyab Mosani also spoke. Qari Abdul Majeed supplicated for unity of Ummah. He also prayed for the soul of Syed Bader Alam (father-in-law of Ehsan-ul-Haque) who passed away in Karachi. — SG

Posted on Aug 18, 17 | 5:34 am