PISJ-ES Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan with Jubilance - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil

image Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section (PISJ-ES) celebrated the 70th independence day with vibrantly magnificent performances of Middle and Senior schools, beautiful presentations and national songs at the school's auditorium on Monday.

Dr. Hannan Ismail Kutubhanah Head of Educational Affairs, King Abdul Aziz University, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

The entire school was decorated with national buntings, flags, banners and beautiful display of green and white lights.

Large number of members from Pakistani Community, media personalities, students, school faculty and their families joined to celebrate the festivities of Independence Day.

The main objective of this event was to revive the spirit of patriotism and sovereignty as a nation on one hand and to commemorate and pay tribute to the struggles and sacrifice of our ancestors for acquiring the safe haven to the posterity on the other.

The programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by student Mouaz Khalid followed by the national anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Adnan Nasir Principal PISJ-ES welcomed guests and said "Pakistan is not just a political entity spanning over hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, nor was it brought into being for race, language or political aspiration; but birthed solely in the name of freedom, of faith and religion. It is a fortress of good hope for the oppressed, a refuge for minorities, a place of salvation for all who call it home."

Nasir emphasized on the importance of education by inspiring youth with his motivating words to devote their genuine attention to acquire education. He urged the entire community to take initiative on individual level for the development of our Pakistan.
Dedicating the evening to all martyrs of the land of peace, the unsung heroes of the soil of aspirations, and each individual of our country who is protecting the treasure of independence in good conviction, honesty, hard work with UNITY, FAITH and DISCIPLINE, the principal said, ďLetís be the initiators rather than being the complainers, letís be the authors of insinuating equality rather than being critics of justice, letís be the torch bearers of knowledge rather than being the followers of farfetched unsocial values, letís become the proud youth of Pakistan to work towards the progress of our motherland rather than being the influencers of our counterparts.Ē

Students from all grade levels enthusiastically participated in the celebrations of the Independence Day.
The program proceeded further with spectacular performances of students on the national and patriotic songs of Pakistan. The shining stars of PISJ-ES proudly presented the diversified colours of our country in provincial and national apparels. The awe-inspiring presentations, exhibiting the heavenly beauty and encompassing the achievements of Pakistan during the seven decades of independence reinvigorated the essence of patriotism in the audience. The soulfully passionate duet recital by the senior school boys was another highlight of the event.

The added attraction was the aromatic, traditionally spiced and mouthwatering food kiosks; including Biryani, Tikkka, Karahi and Roll Parathas in a perfect ambiance of the vast school sports ground where the community relished spices of Pakistan and cherished their family time in floodlight. One of the most enlivening corner of the arcade side was the face painting stall, organised by the senior school students.

The program concluded with the cake cutting ceremony with the wish for sustenance of our country till eternity. Towards the end, the principal presented shield as a souvenir of gratitude to the chief guest.

Iqra Khan (Y13) and Bilal (Y10) were masters of ceremony.

Posted on Aug 17, 17 | 12:49 am