Ladies Group in Riyadh Celebrate Pakistani Independence Day - By: Madiha Malik


National Day celebration is one event that almost all citizens of any country would be ready & willing to join. However, for Pakistanis it’s a day of rejoice especially for the reason that the all of these years of gloom & despondency has deprived them of any occasion to celebrate.

However, the Pakistani ladies in Riyadh are especially known to be resilient enough to overcome any situation that tries to bring them down. They always find time, impetus and motivation to come together and celebrate & enjoy. One such group of energetic ladies comprise of Madiha Malik, Asma Tariq, Madiha Noman, Shumaila Malik, Almas Mumtaz, Dr. Naghma Rehan, Sarwat Waqar et al.

On Monday the 14th August these ladies organized a grand gala event to celebrate the 70th Independence Day of their beloved country – Pakistan.

This event celebrated in the community hall of a local hospital brought together about 100 women and their children – from all walks of life. This event provided a unique opportunity to the young school going kids in show casing their talents in public, speech, singing patriotic songs, one-act play and art & painting.

The event kicked off on a very charged note – with a pin-drop silence. The structure & the content of the event was so planned that it allowed everyone to participate.

The program commenced with recitation of verses form Holy Quran followed with Naat rendition. The event was ably choreographed by Asma Tariq and nicely conducted by Madiha Malik.

Children were full of excitements and demonstrated their extreme interests & enthusiasm by their participation in different activities like Painting, Art & Craft, Speech competition and rendition of Patriotic National songs.

Children of all ages attired the colorful traditional national dresses of Pakistan.


There was a competition on how the children dressed themselves and there was award for the best dressed child – in the categories of boys and girls.

Noted singer Omer Khalid enthralled the audience with his epic national patriotic songs.

The event concluded on happy notes ends with prize distribution ceremony and that included award of trophies and medals for the lucky winners. At the end, refreshments were also served.

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Posted on Aug 17, 17 | 12:47 am