Pakistan's Next 7 months......Watch the Subversive Forces in Action - BY: Haider Mehdi

Pakistan - The Next 7 Months
​Watch the Subversive Forces in Action
​ - Haider Mehdi

The forces of status quo are aligned to the interests of our eastern neighbour and Afghs ​​ nistan's god father with one agenda. Bring Pakistan and it's Army to heel.

And the only three forces standing in their way are the Supreme Court. The Pakistan Army and Imran Khan. Hence the unleashing of the Artillery barrage from all sides.

Nawaz's "Nazrithiya" comment in his last press conference should not be taken lightly. He has declared an open war against the Army by couching it in this "Nazriyathi" statement.

Asma Jilani has let loose her cannons on the Supreme Court and the Army. The PPP and PMLN against Imran.

Husain Haqqani is part of this subversion, internationally.

The entire system is beholden to them. Ahsan Iqbal's becoming interior minister is extremely provocative and dangerous. He has a "lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous". He will go hammer and tongs using the might of the IB and the FIA against Imran, the Judges, the JIT members and foolishly also against the Army. He will attempt to subvert the Rangers as notionally they report to the Interior Ministry.

Nawaz will attempt to subvert senior Army officers. Lure them with untold wealth.

For him, and for all those on the gravy train, it's a matter of political survival or death.

Look at the future Nawaz sees. If they don't scuttle the NAB references there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that he will get away. Conviction. Assets Siezure and Jail. For him, Maryam, Capt. Safdar, Hassan, Hussain, Ishaq Dar and likely even the current PM Abbasi.

Hence they will do anything and everything to create chaos and anarchy. I'm very worried.

It's certainly not business as usual. The coercive power of the State is immense. How long can the 6 brave souls of the JIT continue to feel safe? Also the 5 Supreme Court judges?

And let me predict a very dire scenario.

If Nawaz, by some miracle, somehow gets away and comes back as PM. He will attempt an Erdogan and order the arrest and trials of dozens if not scores of in service senior generals including the Chief.

And this I have from someone who has worked extremely closely with both brothers.

Of course it will not succeed but it will force the Army's hand. And he will then have created the opportunity to wipe the stain of his immense corruption and become a political martyr to fight another day.

For him it's now or never. He is wounded. And therefore needs to be finished off. Judicially and politically.

The next 7 months are very heavy for Pakistan.
-Haider Mehdi

Posted on Aug 13, 17 | 5:36 am