West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Begins ‘BJP Quit India’ Campaign - Highlights By: Balbir Singh Sooch


Mamata Banerjee raises slogan “BJP hotao, desh bacho” on 75th anniversary of Quit India movement!

Highlights Of Mamata Banerjee’s Campaign: ‘BJP Quit India’

1. The BJP-led government is trying to divide the country. We will not allow it. In 2019, our slogan will be ‘BJP Quit India’. We will work with all other Opposition parties, so that we can unitedly fight against the BJP. We want this politics of communalism and hatred to come to an end. ‘BJP hatao, desh bachao’ (Oust BJP, save the country). We will fight and not stop till the BJP is ousted from power. Democracy will triumph against all odds. -Mamata Banerjee

2. Giving the slogan of ‘BJP quit India in 2019’, Banerjee charged that the BJP-led government at the Centre has taken away the rights of the people in the country.

3. “Secularism is under threat,” she alleged, while kicking off her ‘BJP quit India’ campaign during the day which was commemorated as the 75th anniversary of the ‘Quit India Movement’.

4. “They (Centre) can threaten us by using the ED, the Income Tax and the CBI, but we are not afraid of it. The Central government has turned into a government of the agencies, by the agencies, of the agencies and for the agencies,” she said.

5. Referring to Congress leader Ahmed Patel’s victory in Rajya Sabha elections from Gujarat, Banerjee said, “Yesterday (Tuesday) throughout the night we saw the battle between democracy and autocracy. I am glad that finally democracy won. This is the strength of democracy.”

6. The TMC chief also accused the BJP of shedding “crocodile tears” for the adivasis and backward sections of the society.

7. On one hand, they (BJP) are lynching adivasis and people from backward sections of society, while on the other, they are clicking photographs with adivasis and having lunch at their houses, Mamata Banerjee said.

8. Slamming demonetisation, Banerjee wondered in whose interest was the decision taken.

9. “Demonetisation was forcibly imposed on the entire country. Unemployment has increased due to this decision. Now in the name of GST, steps are being taken to send people behind bars. And they are saying it is being done for the sake of the masses,” she alleged.

10. Banerjee said in the name of note ban and GST, BJP has ruined the common people.

11. More than 100 people had died because of note ban. "Lakhs of people lost their jobs and the economic condition of India took a nosedive.

12. Till today BJP has not clarified what it had done with the notes it had collected from common people."

13. BJP leaders are talking about poor people and " then have their lunch and dinner in star hotels," she said adding " if you really work for the people then why do you slash the Centre's contribution in different projects. Earlier, Centre used to contribute 90% in ICDS projects and the state's contribution was 10%. But now the trend is reversed and we are paying from our coffers to keep ICDS centres functional."

14. She said by making Aadhaar mandatory to get benefits under various schemes, the Centre has actually harassed poor people. "They talk big and work little but despite financial constraints, Bengal government has taken up several schemes for the poor."

15. We were forced to pass the bill as transaction in our state treasury was being stopped. We had repeatedly said that do not implement GST in a hurry. We should have given more time to the traders. But they (Centre) did not pay heed to our pleas.

16. Accusing the BJP of dividing the people on religious lines, Banerjee said, “The spirit of our nation lies in unity in diversity. The BJP should not teach us about religion. They are not real Hindus, they are fake.”

17. Mamata to Start ‘BJP Quit India’ Movement, BJP to Retaliate With ‘Quit Appeasement’ Andolan.

18. Mamata Banerjee is starting the movement in a bid to stop BJP from practicing ‘communal politics’ in India.

19. Referring to the Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat which was held on Tuesday, Banerjee said it was a fight between democracy and dictatorship and "it is good that democracy has triumphed." Coming down heavily on the BJP she said it was trying to crush the opposition parties and the federal structure of India.

20. She cautioned the people against BJP's attempt to fuel communal riots. " BJP is trying to trigger communal riots in Bengal and we should be alert and foil their attempts."

21. BJP's divisive politics has weakened the country.

22. "They are trying to divide India on the basis of religion. But we will not allow this to happen.

23. "Bengal has always fought for communal harmony and peace. It is the land of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath and Nazrul and any attempt to destabilize Bengal will be dealt with severely."

24. She also said that in Bengal, Trinamool Congress will organise block-level programmes in support of “BJP Quit India” movement till September 5. 2017.

25. “We (Trinamool Congress) will give a break during the festive season and after that again the party will go ahead in full swing with different political programmes that will continue till 2019 Lok Sabha elections,” she said.

26. The Trinamool Congress chief also described CPI(M) as a hypocrite and alleged it is a clandestine partner of BJP. “CPI(M) is a party of hypocrites that follow double-standards. When they go to the hills they speak of division of the state and in the plains they speak differently. They have clandestine understanding with BJP,” she said.

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