Husain Haqqani is squirming! - By: Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Folks. My article on Husain Haqqani hit him really hard in the you know what and he is hurting really really bad and is also mad as hell.

He and his third wife, Farahnaz Ispahani, run this blog called

In it, somebody called Sidra Jafri, laid it into me. Sidra Jafri, I imagine is Haqqani himself. Or could be a real person working for him.

Ive appended the article in which he has a go at me and made my day by writing what he wrote.

It was heart warming to see him running me down.

Calls me a wannabe general. I don't think he knows why I left the Army. And that I had an outstanding military career, albeit fairly short. And that I was my course Academy Senior Under Officer. And enjoyed one of the best first ERE, a young captain can get as a GSO3 of an operational brigade on the LOC.

I'm supposed to work in a mobile store in Canada. I don't. But I would be honoured to work in one and serve people.

I actually help Canada's largest telecom company, employing 27000 people implement organization wide change programs.

Also I'm supposed to be an Ex-Pakistani. Don't know how someone holding a Pakistani passport can be an "ex".

And the best was that he mentions the length of my article. 2000 words. I swear even I didn't know that. Thank you Haqqani, please continue keeping tabs on the number of words because my Urdu translator charges me by the word. Thank you.

He then goes on to taunt me that no mainstream newspapers publish my articles.

Absolutely correct and for a reason.

Because I will not submit myself to the editors scissors and be newtered! I love my independance, my free wheeling style and my ability to call you a mole, a traitor and a snake.

And I now know I'm fairly widely read across the length and breadth of Pakistan. Much more reach than any newspaper can offer me.

But on to serious things.

Why is Haqqani so strident in his anti Pakistan rhetoric? Four reasons really.

1. He's paid by the Indians to do so.

2. His employer, Hudson Institute follows an extremely conservative right wing agenda supported by India and Israel.

3. He's really mad at the Pakistan Army for destroying his dream of becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan.

4.. And finally and perhaps very important in the current scenario is his desperate attempt to weasel his way into the good books of the Trump Administration.

His friend Lisa Curtis made it. Christine Field, another Ayesha Gulalai type tale of a woman scorned, is also desperately attempting something similar.

Christine Fair, was allegedly spurned by a Pakistani officer who used her and then dumped her when she was in Pakistan during the Musharraf years "writing" her book.

This is very similar to another story I heard recently about another lady lawyer spewing venom nowadays.

Both stories unconfirmed but widely related in military circles with the names of the officers involved.

Simply put. Haqqani wants a role in the Trump Administration. An undersecretary or assistant secretary in the State department or some kind of special envoy type thing, with oversight over Pakistan.

So he can then gleefully come to Pakistan as a US envoy and say, up yours, you orifices, especially to the Pakistan Army. And hiding behind his US Diplomatic cover, all the while singing, "Catch me if you can". For him this would be the ultimate revenge!

Earlier today I spoke with someone who has dealt with the Americans for over three decades.

His response.

"Haider the Americans will never take him. They hate turncoats and spies and traitors and I can tell you Haqqani is on top of that list with them. Because he's now losing relevance, he's desperately trying to convince the pro Indian Republican lobby that he's "their man". But they will not take him. And just wait. He will be out in the cold very soon.

*Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq, Benedict Arnold. Vidkun Quisling and now Husain Haqqani. What an Evil Roll of Honour to belong to.*

The phrase " He's a Haqqani" she's a Haqqani" for people considered traitors is now part of the Pakistani lexicon.

"Doing a Haqqani" means conniving with the enemy. Also means escaping justice. If Pakistan doesn't get him, Jalauddin Haqqani will, sooner or later, for disgracing their name!

But my biggest surprise was the stout defence he got from Marvi Sirmed, supposedly a human rights activist.

This happened a couple of days ago when I first posted my earlier piece in her whatsapp group, called Dialogues to which I was invited to join a couple of months ago.

Many people had warned me about Marvi's credentials and her biases and inordinate fondness towards our eastern very "friendly neighbour".

I was warned that like Haqqani and some others, she masks her real agenda with her liberal, secular, pro democracy, anti militarism causes. Causes I also personally subscribe to as well.

I am fairly open minded, do not usually subscribe to conspiracy theories, unless I'm the instigator 😎 and hence had an open mind about her.

But the manner of her defence of Husain Haqqani, as soon as I posted my articles, left no doubts in my mind at least, that there's much more to this lady then meets the eye.

She called it slander. I knew Haqqani the coward was pulling her strings, hiding behind her skirts, to cowardly to come and contest my article. I would have ripped him to pieces. But he didn't because he knows, I know.

Every single aspect of my article about Haqqani is correct.

1. He's being tried for treason by Pakistan's Supreme Court in the Memogate case which he masterminded.

2. He was turned by the Indians to become an Indian mole inside Pakistan, when he was based in Hong Kong on the 1980's.

3. He has served all Masters. Gen. Ziaul Haque. Jamaat-e-Islami, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari.

He nearly got a seat on the table with Musharraf before the good general was forewarned. His exact words to the General. "Sir I am willing to serve you in ANY capacity".

So much for this hypocrites crocodile tears about militarism and how it has harmed Pakustan.

4. He married the sister of Naheed Khan, the late Benazir Bhutto’s close confidant. People say to worm his way into the innermost sanctums of power and allegedly do whatever his Indian handlers told him to do.

5. Yes and a cheap shot I must admit. A trifle below the belt. But what the heck. The guy wears a wig. And a terrible one at that. The type we saw aging actors wear in Pakistani and Indian movies in the 60's and 70's.

My gripe with him is simple.

You occupied senior positions in the Government of Pakistan.

You were privy to highly sensitive State Secrets and you advise the US government not to give F-16's to Pakistan.

You run down Pakistan on every public forum in the USA and India.

You truck with all anti Pakistan and pro Indian lobbies around the world.

You work for a think tank funded by Indians and Israelis.

You, Sir are a traitor to Pakistan and should be brought back to Pakistan to face your Memogate trial. We have a very independent judiciary now. Come face your charges and exonerate yourself if you're innocent. And yes I say the same to Gen. Musharraf. Come back face your charges.

And the woman who helped you escape. Asma Jilani Jehangir must be held resonsible for letting you go.

So Mr. Haqqani aka Sidra Jafri thank you for letting me know that it hurt you really bad.

For me personally I'm honoured that someone like you hit out at me.

It's a badge of Honour that I will wear and flaunt widely.

Marvi Sirmed hope you read this too as well as all your other Haqqani supporters in your Whatsapp group, Dialogues. Haqqani slanders, defames and attempts subvert and harm Pakistan. And you have the gall to call my article slanderous. Shame on you. You are whatever you are today, because of Pakistan. Don't forget that. Ever.

Insha Allah one day, I hope and pray that Nature's Nemesis catches up with those who openly as well as silently and covertly and latently and most importantly, knowingly, undermine the integrity, well being and sovereignty of Pakistan. Aameen.
-Haider Mehdi.

Posted on Aug 08, 17 | 8:44 am