RANDOM THOUGHTS: The Panama Papers and Nawaz Sharif - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

The Panama Papers and Nawaz Sharif
Dr. A.Q. Khan


The Supreme Court Judgement sending Nawaz Sharif home caused a black day for the PML(N) and the day of salvation for the PTI. To the common man, not supporters of either camp, it meant little. For them it was like the saying of Shaikh Sadi: Mara che azeen qissa ke gao, amad o khar raft (what difference does it make if the cow has gone and the donkey has come). Whether Nawaz Sharif stays or goes and whether or not Imran Khan comes, there will be little to celebrate for the common man.

Lately there had been a feeling that Nawaz and those surrounding him no longer had their feet on the ground. Ahsan Iqbal went to America and visited UCLA and MIT. At MIT he told the people that he would set up a state-of-the-art university in Pakistan. I had, years ago, prepared a feasibility report for a first class university and sent it to the present government through Ahsan Iqbal. It was along the lines of the GIK Institute, which I had also designed and which is still one of the best in the country. After 4 months I met him by chance on a flight to Lahore and asked him what happened to that proposal. With a poker’s face he replied that he had not received it; and that while my driver had handed it over to his servant in person at his home. “OK”, I said, “I will send you another copy”, which I did. That was more than 4 months ago and I have still to receive an acknowledgement. A first class university would have been of more use to the country than a motorway from Lahore to Karachi.

If we were to believe Nawaz Sharif, then he (and his children) never did anything wrong while the 5 honourable judges are being made out to be novice, vindictive, having no knowledge of law and having convicted him on a whim. He is lucky that the law does not attach any penalty to the judgment passed on him. He did great harm to the country by surrounding himself with sycophants, but then, that is what our leaders always do. We all saw (and many of us were fed up of) Nawaz Sharif’s cronies holding lengthy propaganda speeches every day. Now he innocently asks the honourable judges what he did wrong.

The Panama Case hijacked the whole nation. There were theatrical shows the whole day and every day. Nawaz Sharif’s supporters were holding press conferences at the very doors of the Supreme Court and outside JIT offices. They often tried to fool the public and tried to ridicule the judges. They even tried to teach law to the learned judges. Danial Aziz, Talal Chaudhry, Anushe Rahman, Asif Kirmani, Mariam Aurangzeb and many ministers accused the JIT members and the judges of bias, of having no knowledge of the law, etc.

The Panama Pandora’s Box was opened by our well-known investigative journalist, Omar Cheema. Hundreds of Pakistanis hold/held accounts in Panama – mostly money from corruption – and investigations should not be limited to Nawaz Sharif only. The case against him went to the SC, where 2 of the 5 judges found him guilty of lying and fraud. 3 of the judges appointed a JIT to thoroughly investigate the matter. Here Nawaz Sharif blundered (which ultimately cost him his Premiership) - he called his two sons from England to give evidence about the enormous wealth amassed in a short time. His 2 sons and his daughter were questioned by the JIT, where many things came to light. They all gave many press conferences and much mudslinging took place. We all saw how Senator Nihal Hashmi threatened the JIT members and the judges in a very crude way. Now he too claims to be innocent. Now Nawaz Sharif, his 2 sons, his daughter, his son-in-law and Ishaq Dar (his son-in-law’s father) will have to face NAB courts. The chances of them having to go to jail is not small.

The appointment of Shahbaz Sharif as PM carries inherent dangers for Punjab with it. The province may very well slip out of their control.

I have a personal complaint against Nawaz Sharif. After the nuclear explosions of 1998 he took a fraud to Minare Pakistan and tried to minimize our efforts and achievements. That mischief still continues and every year on the 28th May there is always someone claiming that they did the work and we claimed the credit. If that were the case, why did Nawaz Sharif bring Prince Sultan, Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, and his son together with our three Services Chiefs to visit Kahuta to see our achievements? If I had done nothing, then why did he bother telling the public before the last elections that they would make me President? He also falsely accused me of asking for a Senate ticket. Had I been interested in entering politics I could have utilized any one of the solid offers of unopposed election from Karachi, but I didn’t (and don’t) want to be associated with any political party. I did not need politics to enhance my status. After my retirement, Musharraf offered to make me Minister of Science & Technology, which I politely refused and suggested Prof. Attaur Rahman’s name.

Mian Sb. allowed Gen. Musharraf, a dictator, a traitor, to leave the country. He never tried to find out what Musharraf did to me – the nasty restrictions placed on me, some of which are still continuing. He could easily have used the court order to my petition to remove all restrictions, as Musharraf had promised and which the Honourable Justice Ejaz Ahmad Chowdhry of the LHC had granted me. Yet some of the restrictions on my movements still continue. That has been my reward for making this country a nuclear and missile power. Mian Sb. is now facing makafate-Amal

Posted on Aug 08, 17 | 12:45 am