PWC Bids Farewell to Outgoing Pakistani Ambassador - By: Aymen Zaheer

image Qundeel presenting the framed verses to Ambassador

Pakistan Writers Club (aka: PWC) and its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) hosted a luncheon reception to bid farewell to the outgoing Pakistani Ambassador Excellency Manzoor Ul Haq.

The event was attended by the Charge D’Affaires - Muhammad Hassan Wazir and Sardar Muhammad Khattak – Head of Chancery – at the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh together members of PWC and its Ladies Chapter.

Ambassador Haq and his wife - Madam Nighat Manzoor - along with their daughter Saba Manzoor were the chief guests on the occasion. PWC President Engr, Abdul Rauf Mughal presided the event.

Ambassador Haq took up charge of his office two years ago on 4th January 2015. He is leaving upon completion of his superannuation.

Speaking on the occasion Haq expressed his thanks for PWC - and it’s Ladies Chapter – for according to him this honor by hosting a farewell luncheon for him and his family. He was all praise for PWC and the events that it regularly hosted. “I am especially very happy to see Pakistani ladies in PWC Ladies Chapter perform so well in their skits and plays, “Haq remarked. He expressed appreciations for the Pakistani community in Riyadh and said that they were loving people and that their cooperation & show of positivity remained a great help for him and his team at the Embassy of Pakistan.

Madam Nighat Manzoor – speaking on the occasion - mentioned that she would never forget her stay in Riyadh. “For me it has been a wonderful experience to meet with & exchange thoughts with the ladies of the Pakistani Community especially with such gifted & talented ladies of PWC Ladies Chapter, “Nighat mentioned.

Some members of PWC expressed their feelings for the outgoing Ambassador Haq.

H.M. Fayyaz – VP Coordination PWC – was of high praise for Haq. “Ambassador Haq would be long remembered for his services for the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia, especially for those in Riyadh, “Fayyaz added.

Qundeel Aymen – a senior member of PWC-LC - dedicated her poetry work in eulogy of Haq and termed him as the “Peoples Ambassador”. She presented framed poetry verses to the Ambassador.

Fayyaz Malik – Senior Member of PWC - enthralled the audience by his touchy poem dedicated to Ambassador Haq.

A humorous skit was performed by the group of PWC-LC members that included Farah Ehsan, Qundeel Aymen, Dr. Farah Nadia, and a volunteer Mahnoor. This won high applause from all especially from Haq & Nighat.

Faiz Al Najdi – Advisor to PWC President – paid rich homage to Ambassador Haq. “The word government servant actually means a government officer who is tasked to serve the people. I have had had the honor to be with and witness the works of at least 6 former ambassadors. "It is my considered opinion that only Ambassador Manzoor Ul Haq and former Ambassador Shahid Kareemullah were the government servants in true sense of the word while the rest of them were mere government officers, “Najdi remarked.

Farah Ehsan – Convener of PWC-LC - expressed her gratitude to the H.E. Ambassador, Madam Nighat Manzoor and their daughter Saba Manzoor for gracing the occasion with their august presence. “Haq was a great ambassador who served the community diligently, “Farah added.

Abdul Rauf Mughal – President PWC – paid rich tributes to Haq. He remarked that Haq was like an oasis in the desert of Saudi Arabia. “I feel proud to mention here that due to his humble personality always caring for the people, he can rightly be termed as a Sufi Ambassador, “Rauf mentioned.

The event was ably conducted by Ehsan Abbasi – PWC General Secretary. The proceedings of the event got underway with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Shah Jehan Sherazi – VP Media PWC - and a melodious Naat rendition by Ashiq Hussein – SVP PWC.

In appreciation of his services for the community, a memento shield was awarded to Ambassador Haq together with some token gifts for Madam Nighat Manzoor.

The event concluded with a sumptuous lunch followed by the mesmerizing melodies from an invited singer Aqib with his band ML Studio. He sang some classical and popular numbers and won appreciations from the audience.


Aymen Zaheer is a Freelance writer based in Riyadh.
He is also Deputy General Secretary and PRO of PWC.

Posted on Mar 05, 17 | 3:29 am