RANDOM THOUGHTS : Important Events - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Important Events
Dr. A.Q. Khan


The situation at the moment seems to be such that we are facing chastisement from the Almighty for our misdeeds. Religious fanaticism, corruption, lying, etc. all seem to have become the norm and more or less state policy. Our moral values have reached their lowest point. One hesitates to read a newspaper or listen to news or current events programmes on TV because they report nothing but violence, murder, honour killings, kidnappings, suicide bombings, etc. There never seems to be any good news. Since we are faced with these topics every day and there are already numerous people writing about them, I have chosen something different.

The first topic deals with the love of the Turks for Islam and our Holy Prophet (PBUH). People usually refer to the Taj Mahal as the ultimate symbol and example of love. But here is another example of love and consideration. The construction of Masjid Nabvi during the Usmani (Turkish) Caliphate is an eye-opener. When they decided to break down the old, small existing mosque and construct the new Masjid Nabvi, it was announced that people with expertise in various aspects and fields of construction were needed. Within days, not months, a large number of artisans had reported for work. The Sultan built a new city near Istanbul and all the artisans were housed there, all those belonging to the same expertise being housed together. Now the story of love and dedication begins – exemplary and unmatchable.

The Sultan of Turkey was the most powerful ruler of his time. He went to the new city and met all the artisans, asking them to teach their sons the art of their particular expertise to make them experts par excellence in turn. During this apprenticeship, the Turkish Government would ensure that the boys learnt the Quran and the art of warfare. This rather unique arrangement lasted for almost 25 years, at the end of which each boy was an expert artisan and Hafize-e-Quran. About 500 boys were trained in this way.

Meanwhile, the Turks had found and mined marble and other precious and semi-precious stones. Large trees were cut and sawn into planks, beautiful glassware chandeliers were made and other works of art prepared. All this construction material was dispatched to Madina. Now, upon orders of the Sultan, a small town was built at some distance from Madina. This was done to protect the atmosphere of Madina and also as a sign of respect to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). All the artisans were instructed to ensure that as little pollution and noise as was humanly possible was created. If the stones were larger than required, they were sent to a nearby town and cut down to the required size there. All the artisans were advised to be clean (bavuzu) and to recite the Holy Quran during work. Those stone walls having decorative work of holes and flowers cut through them were covered with cloth so that no dust could enter the tomb. Shelters were built to protect the tomb and Riazul Jannah from dust, sand, etc.

The construction took about 15 years and history is witness to the fact that no other building was ever before, or has ever since, been constructed with such dedication, love and affection. Other examples of Turkish love and affection for Islam and Islamic heroes can be seen in the tombs of Khalid Bin Wahid (RA) and Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari (RA). Both are marvels of craftsmanship.

The second important event I would like to write about is unfortunately, I feel, a negative one. There are attempts on hand to change our school syllabi to remove stories of our heroes, jehad, etc. My dear friend, Mr. Fazal Hadi Hassan, has sent me an email from Oslo, Norway pointing out a plan that is underfoot from abroad. Since I think it is of importance, I am taking the liberty of reproducing his letter for your information.

“Dear respected Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahe waba Rakatohu. May the Almighty keep you in good health and with Islamic spirit and principles.
In the recent past I happened to see a report which caused me much anxiety and worries . The Western countries and media are starting a campaign against syllabi in schools and, worst than that, our own Western agents and puppets are behaving more loyal than the king and supporting their Western nefarious designs through so-called NGOs and Civil Societies, which are actively involved in serious efforts to influence government policies in this regard. Peace Education Foundation is the Pakistani NGO involved in this game.
This report belongs to an American organization known as US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The Peace Education Foundation has supplied wrong and distorted information about our national education system. One eye-opening proposal/suggestion is: ‘Islam as the only correct religion’ must be removed from the syllabi of schools in Pakistan. Furthermore, the NGO emphasises the belief that Islam is a religion which advocates terrorism and war. The Report (page 17) says: ‘wars’ and terrorisms’ praise must be removed from all courses as it encourages wars (jehad) and praises war heroes such as Muhammad Bin Qasim and Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi. It eulogises the 17 raids by the Sultan into India and also praises profusely the conquest of Sindh by the Muslims. There is a serious problem with this sort of thing in the syllabi as other things such as arts, architecture, culture, etc. have no place in their courses. After partition, great emphasis has been laid on the wars with India with the result that the peace process has not found a place. This narrow-minded nationalism is more or less educating Pakistanis only superficially’.
It is rather alarming that this NGO has spread her tentacles deep into Pakistan’s religious schools. After going through the activities of this NGO on its website, I was shocked to see that it has specially targeted our religious schools and scholars.
This report has been published from the USA, both in English & Urdu, with links for all to read.”

Posted on Feb 27, 17 | 10:41 pm