Uxi Mufti in Search of Allah - By: Rana Abdul Baqi

imageDr. Uxi Mufti son of a prominent intellectual, late Mumtaz Mufti is a prolific writer. His latest book in search of “Allah Measuring the Intangible” is an excellent dissertation for all times. Primarily this book revolves around Science and Humanities and simply differs from certain modern scientists of the west who are carried away by anti-religious interpretation of Niels Bohar school of thought hailing from Copenhagen Institute who generally believe that Science is the record of dead religions. Dr. Uxi Mufti raised the voice of sanity against the anti-religious lobby, brilliantly opposing the generalized scientific and philosophical assertions on religious beliefs. While tracing the foundation of the term Allah, Dr. Uxi referred the Special Names of Allah (Ismae Husna) with Arabic connotation to prove the unity of God. Although Arabic is richer in vocabulary and grammatical perspectives, however Arabic religious scholars do feel that the meanings of the Special Names of Allah represent only the approximation limited to human understanding.

In fact, Dr. Uxi rightly categorised the term ‘Allah’ prehistoric, as the Christian, Jewish and Muslim scriptures trace the origin of word ‘Allah for God’ back to the times of Prophet Abraham. He referred ‘Francis Edwards Peters’ a socio-religious scientist of the west who says, “The Quran insists and historians affirm that Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers worship the same God as Jews”. Since Allah is also described as the Divine Lord of the worlds, hence this reality is shared in ‘Quranic Surah–Ankabut-46’ in which Allah says, “And do not argue with the people of the scripture except in a way that is best, except for those who commit injustice among them, and say (O believers), “We believe in that which has been revealed to you and our God and your God is one”. ‘Surah–al-An’am-108’ also signifies the concept of tolerance in Islam, in which Allah says, “And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity with out knowledge”.

Dr. Uxi Mufti has rightly observed that the term ‘Allah’ is prehistoric. He testifies that in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was used to mean God by Arabs, Jews and Christians. Dr. Uxi having un-wavered faith in Allah being the Divine Lord of the Worlds, opposes the association of the term ‘Allah’ with that of the Muslim God which he termed as a more recent development in the West. In the backdrop of current western thinking, Dr. Uxi further elaborates his viewpoint and says, “today we are on the threshold of Allah the abstract, we are witnessing the ‘dawn of Intangible’ and only a proper understanding of the attributes, further open minded, serious and scientific investigation into the divine names will enable our continued survival on planet earth, and will help us to adjust to the emerging truth, to the rapidly changing environment and comprehend the true nature of reality”.

In fact, Dr. Uxi has full grasp of current growing differences between Islam and the West, hence he brilliantly concludes his thesis declaring, “Allah’s Divine quality ‘Al-Jamay’ (comprehensiveness) has great significance for science and philosophy as Allah is the unification point. Therefore, an understanding of Allah in His wholeness alone can synthesize the present split between science and humanities, faith and reason. Allah is the singular and unique ideal that binds all humanity to oneness above all differences and despite all deviations”. Dr. Uxi’s conclusion seems to be the crux of the matter in ongoing debate in the west. His vision of binding reality in oneness of God can be shared in many Quranic Verses. In ‘Surah–al-Baqarah-136’ Allah Commands his believers, “Say O believers, we have believed in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ismael and Issac and Jacob and the descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to the Prophets from their Divine Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims in submission to Him”.

It is, however, unfortunate that certain unscrupulous elements calling themselves so called champion of Islam, while enjoying foreign funding have involved themselves in acts of terror against humanity. Whereas there are more than 50 Muslim states who not only condemn the terrorists but also actively engage them in countering acts of terror. It is amazing that instead appreciating the counter terrorism efforts of the Muslim states, west seemed un-impressed and targeting Islam through a planned malicious propaganda gradually breeding ‘clash of civilizations theory’ with out realizing, the west was itself responsible for arming the Afghan Jehad against former Soviet Union, besides military interference in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and earlier in Palestine, which created dismay and reaction.

As a matter of fact, in today’s modern age, important books carry weight to remove misunderstandings among the nation states and promote love and peace, but unfortunately, certain inspired writers in the west have deliberately promoted confrontational posture using the smoke screen of ‘clash of civilizations’. First being the Oswald Spengler who wrote, “Decline of the west” in 1918 after the First World War to cover up the mischief of the west against Arabs. British promised independence to Arab lands in return for their revolt against the Turkish Ottoman Empire, but after achieving their objectives, Britain and France distributed Arab lands among themselves through secret Sykes-Picot agreement, besides announcing to make Palestine as the Jewish homeland. Similarly Bernard Lewis book titled as, “The Roots of Muslim Rage” surfaced after the west successfully achieved the dismembering of former Soviet Union with the assistance of Afghan Jehad and left the Afghan war lords in isolation. In 1993, Samuel Hutington’s book “clash of civilization” visibly targeted Islam and amazingly at present without realizing the gravity of the situation the new US President Mr. Donald Trump is busy day-in and day-out to further promote the clash of civilization theory against Islam using the garb of counter terrorism.

Unfortunately the think tanks of affluent Muslim nations remained quiet instead countering the evil propaganda of inspired writers against Islam. Fortunately a few books of prominent Muslim writers did appear to defend Islamic teachings as the religion of love and peace. First book was “Reconciliation” written by late Benazir Bhutto in 1997 which was published after she was killed in a terror attack. The second book “Muslim Today” written by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar of Malysia surfaced in 2011 which adequately dealt the negative propaganda of west against Islam. The third book is that of Dr. Uxi Mufti, “Allah Measuring the Intangible”. These books have certainly helped remove some of the doubts of the west against Islam. Dr. Uxi Mufti’s present book which is an intellectually valid book for all times needs to be sponsored and distributed among European and North American think tanks through Pakistani community and the Pakistani Mission abroad, to remove unfounded doubts about Islam.

(Writer of this article Rana Abdul Baqi is author of three books and scores of research article on South Asian and International affairs, and can be reached on Email: rabaqi@gmail.com

Posted on Feb 23, 17 | 1:30 am