PWC & its Ladies Chapter Mourn Death of Noted Pakistan Woman Writer -By: Aymen Zaheer and Madiha Malik

Pakistan Writers Cub (aka: PWC) and members of its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) recently hosted a condolence sitting to pay rich tributes to Bano Qudsia. It was a somber gathering of Pakistani writers & poets and each one of them paid rich tributes to her – in their own right & expressions.

Abdul Rauf Mughal expressed deep grief & sorrow over her sad demise. Her demise has left a huge void in the literary field and her writings would be remembered for generations to come, “Rauf remarked.

Almas Mumtaz mentioned that she he wrote Urdu novels, dramas and short stories. “She was best known for her epic novel Raja Gidh. She also wrote for television and stage drama - in both Urdu and Punjabi languages. Her play Aaadhi Baat has been called a classic, “Almas added.

Ambreen Faiz paid rich tributes to her for her services vis-à-vis promotion of novel writing in Pakistan. “She was arguably one of the best women writers in contemporary Pakistan, “Ambreen opinionated.

Ashiq Hussain mentioned that she was a great name among the leading Pakistani writers. “She is also recognized for writing the famous novel Raja Gidh, and for authoring some of the other well-known books, “Ashiq added.

Asma Tariq expressed her deep sorrow upon her sad passing away. “My heartfelt condolence goes out for her family, fans & admirers, “Asma mentioned.

Aymen Zaheer spoke very high about her and highlighted that he found no words in her praise. “She was a literary legend of Pakistan. Her works will guide the generations to come and she would be long remembered due to her vast contribution for the Urdu Literature, “Aymen expressed.

Dr. Farah Nadia mentioned that she was a born talent and undoubtedly was a great asset among the Pakistani writers. “No one could replace a dynamic personality like her and she would continue live in our hearts for times to come, “Dr. Farah added

Ehsan Abbasi paid glowing tributes to her for her contributions in the field of drama writings and Urdu literature. “She would be missed for her loving nature and contributions for the promotion of Urdu literature, “Ehsan added.

Engr. Madiha Noman expressed appreciations for her writings and mentioned that she was a source of inspiration for many. “She was a legend and shall be truly missed, “Madiha added.

Faiz Al-Najdi expressed his sorrow for her sad passing away. He was however very critical of her thoughts & ideas expressed in her works. “Her novel Raja Gidh would remain as a stigma on her work as she portrayed the educated & enlightened woman of our society as evil. “Being herself a woman these negative connotations did not bode well, “Al-Najdi opinionated.

Farah Ehsan said that she was a widely recognized woman in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent and that she always portrayed strengths of women at large. “She wrote what she believed in and enjoyed respect among the literary circles throughout the world, “Farah Ehsan added.

Fayyaz Malik mentioned that she was one of the rare female novelists and spiritualists of Pakistan who personified & published ideologies, beliefs and principles. “She belonged to the honest breed of writers, Malik mentioned.

H.M. Fayyaz said that she was a renowned playwright and a great woman, and the void created upon her passing away shall be difficult to be fulfilled. “She was widely respected as a writer, “Fayyaz added.

Madiha Malik expressed that she was one of the most widely read & acclaimed novelist and that with her death a golden chapter of Urdu literature has come to an end. “She was a towering personality and her works shall continue to shine, “Madiha Malik added.

Naveed Ur Rehman remarked that she was a great writer and that our new generations should find time to read her works. “I am sure by reading her works the young ones would be greatly inspired, “Naveed mentioned.

Qundeel Aymen spoke very high of her and mentioned that after passing away of her husband Ashfaq Ahmed long ago, the second pearl is now also lost. “Both husband and wife was great writers and remained respected in the literary circles of Pakistan and beyond, “Qundeel remarked.

Shah Jehan Sherazi expressed that she was a lady with extraordinary literary abilities. “She was a source of inspiration for young writers and widely respected throughout the world, “Sherazi remarked.

Shaheen Javed lamented her loss. “She was like a candle whose light spread out everywhere, “Shaheen said.

Shumaila Malik mourned her death and described her as an immortal humanist, a true peace ambassador and a noble intellectually charged lady. “She will be remembered with high esteem & reverence in our hearts and for the generations to come, “Shumaila added.

Tanveer Mian said that she always enthralled the readers by her style of writing. “Her writings were not merely collection of words, rather each word had a symbolic vision and soul of its own, “Tanvir mentioned.

Finally, Zubair Bhatti mentioned that he was a fan of her dramas that were aired on Pakistan television. “She definitely will be remembered as one of the finest writers of Urdu drama, “Bhatti remarked.
Aymen Zaheer and Madiha Malik are respectively members of Pakistan Writers Club and its Ladies Chapter

Posted on Feb 21, 17 | 11:26 pm