Workers, peasants are not incapable: Ayub Malik

NP aims to unite working class

Feb 19

President of the National Party (NP) Punjab Ayub Malik while addressing party workers of Union Council (UC) 30 Islamabad said our party aims to transform Pakistan into a welfare state.

He urged the workers to thwart the designs of the expliotators to divide the working class in sectriamism.

Ayub Malik said that he is uniting working class which is a noble objective and that working class needs to unite for their own good so that they can get their due rights.

He noted that the prejudice, selfishness and ignorance of those who run our society flow from their class position. In order to maintain their power, they must foster the idea that ordinary people are somehow less capable which is worng.

Working class was the only class that in liberating itself had the potential to liberate all of humanity. In abolishing its own exploitation and oppression, the working class also must abolish every rotten aspect of society, he added.

At the occasion M. Adnan was appointed as organiser of UC-30 while Tehsin Naqibi was appointed as deputy organiser.

Speaking to the workers Mr. Adnan said that he will do his best to serve the party and interests of the working class. He said that National Party represents labourers and peasents and he too is a labourer.
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Posted on Feb 21, 17 | 12:00 am