South Asian Pulse Forum distributed warm quilts among special and disabled students


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South Asian Pulse Forum distributed warm quilts among special and disabled students
at Govt Special School for Blind Girls Rawalpindi

By Dr. Rana Ali Sajjad

South Asian Pulse Relief Forum in coordination with Special Education Rawalpindi management hosted a special relief function at Govt Special School for Blind Girls Rawalpindi. Cdr. Prof Shahid Nawaz of Beharia University Islamabad presided while local intellectual and Chairman Pakistan Green Task Force Dr. Jamal Nasir was the Chief Guest. Speakers eulogized the welfare vision of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal for serving humanity. Earlier, a blind girl student Raninena Muneer statrted the proceeding of the function with recitation of the Holy Qur’an, while 4 blind girl students recited the famous poem of Allama Iqbal on ‘Khudi’. Arif Mannan presented “Qaseeda Burda Sharif” and famous poet Naseem Sehar presented his poem on Jinnah.
Rana Abdul Baqi Chairman of South Asian Relief Forum inaugurating the relief program mentioned that the purpose of relief talk is to educate the students about the vision of the builder of Pakistan. He referred Allama Iqbal’s 13 historical confidential letters addressed to Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1937 suggesting him not to endorse the United India’s as proposed by the British Viceroy and demand a separate Muslim State as the enforcement and development of Islamic Shariat would be impossible with out an independent Muslim State. Rana Baqi also read out excerpts from Jinnah’s speeches of November, 1944, 11 August, 1947 and 01 July, 1948, in which Quaid-i-Azam categorically pointed out his vision said to establish a Welfare State. The Chief Guest Dr. Jamal Nasir appreciated the efforts of South Asian Forum for providing relief to local humanity particularly the special and disabled students with warm quilts during extreme cold. He demanded of the people who have resources to come forward for the help of poverty stricken people instead looking towards government funds. Dr. Jamal Nasir referred that the vision of the Founder of Pakistan must be followed to make Pakistan a true welfare state based on Islamic tradition and faith. Cdr. Prof. Shahid Nawaz in his presidential address emphasized that Capitalism and Socialism have failed to resolve the economic problems, the world over, as 8 richest persons hold half of the wealth of the world. Cdr Shahid Nawaz said that it is only Islamic economic system which provides just relief to the people. Hence the vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was based on justice, equality and fair play. He said that that although Pakistanis have the unique honour of giving maximum donations as Zakat and Sidqaat, however, the system of Zakat is still to be implemented in true spirit as envisaged in Holy Quran. Later, Dr. Fozia Khurshid, Rana Abdul Baqi, Dr. Jamal Nasir, Cdr Shahid nawaz and the prominent citizens distributed warm quilts among special and disabled students hailing from various special schools of district Rawalpindi. In the end Arslan Akbar Abbasi conducted ‘Ijtemai Dua’ for the security of Pakistan and removal of poverty from the country.
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Posted on Jan 20, 17 | 10:25 am