PRC celebrates 140th birth day of Quaid-e-Azam -BY : Syed Mussarat Khali


Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) last night held in Hall of Salt & Pepper restaurant 140th birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan which was presided by renowned Saudi intellectual, writer and ex-diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Other guests included Shahid Nayeem President, Amir Mohammad Khan Chairman, Jamil Rathore general secretary, Liaqat Anjum member Pakistan Journalists Forum (PJF), Choudhry Rizwan President, Riaz Ghumman, general Secretary of Pakistan Media Group (PMG), Community leaders Mohammad Ashfaque Badayouni, Shamsuddin Altaf, Mohammad Amanatullah, Zamurrad Khan Saifi, Tariq Mahmoud, Akram Agha and Engineers Khaled Jawed.

Function started with the recitation of holy Quran by Qari Engr. Mohammad Asif; Naat ( glorifying the prophet (s ) was presented by Sher Afzal.

Deputy convener Hamid-ul-Islam Khan welcomed all guest and conducted the event.

He reiterated PRC’s agenda that without "repatriation of Stranded Pakistanis and affiliation of Kashmir" Pakistan will not be complete.

Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi in his presidential address thanked PRC for organizing the event on Pakistan’s founder. He said that Mohammad Ali Jinnah was great visionary and charismatic leader of Indian subcontinent who succeeded in creating Pakistan which many analyst was not expecting it to happen. Initially he was part of Indian Congress to jointly work for One India from British occupation. However when he realized that Gandhi and his fellows were not willing to give the actual share to Muslims then he departed congress and joined Muslims League after persuasion of Allama Iqbal and other Muslim Leaders. He quoted an US historian Stanley Hedley wrote about Jinnah that “ Few individuals significantly changed the course of history, Fewer still modify the map of the world hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all those three. He said if Pakistanis would have adhered to his mission and message “ Unity; Faith; Discipline then Pakistan would have acquired much stronger position in the world arena than what it is positioned now. I urge all Pakistanis to adhere to his mission to achieve the goal of Pakistan’s creation.
He said Quaid’s Pakistan was divided in 1971 when eastern wing became Bangladesh. Those Muslims of Bihar who migrated in 1947 to East Pakistan was for the sake of and Islamic welfare state and not a secular Bengali state. Those quarter million patriotic Pakistanis are sill languishing in camps in Bangladesh. Unfortunately Pakistani governments never fulfilled their obligations towards them i.e. to renew their Pakistani citizenship which they held in 1971 when they fought along with Pakistan army and were captivated after losing the war. lf Qauid-e-Azam would have lived will not been happy that those patriotic Pakistanis where humiliated and persecuted. He appealed to prime minister Nawaz Sharif to arrange their repatriation at the earliest. He also appealed to Bangladeshi prime minister to give them treatment of humanity. He said PRC proposal of self finance scheme could be implemented to arrange repatriation and rehabilitation without burdening Pakistan’s economy. He also demanded plebiscite in Kashmir under UNO resolution.

Amir Mohammad Khan said that we totally forgotten the message of Quaid-e-Azam and other founder leaders as if we found Pakistan without any objective. He also criticized media for high lighting those leaders who are talking against Pakistan’s ideology and on other hand ignoring those quarter million patriotic Pakistanis languishing in Bangladesh for 45 years which is very unfortunate. He said that we should try to follow Quaid’s message on individual and collective capacity to make Pakistan truly a welfare state.

Choudhry Riaz Ghumman thanked PRC for holding the Quaid day program and specially praised Dr. Ali Ghamdi for his persistent support to Pakistani cause of Kashmir and stranded Pakistanis. He paid rich tribute to founder and said all the national issues could be resolved if adhere to teaching of Quaid-e-Azam. He appealed to Pakistani journalists; poets; writers; politicians and members of communities to support PRC agenda that “ Pakistan will not be complete until stranded Pakistanis are repatriated and Kashmir is joined with Kashmir”. He demanded urgent action for the repatriation of stranded Pakistanis.

Convener Syed Ehsan-ul-Haque thanked Dr. Ali Ghamdi and all the guests. He presented following resolutions which were approved by the audience:

1. We urge Prime minister Nawaz Sharif to reactivate Rabita Trust with joint effort of Muslim World League and restart the process of repatriation and rehabilitation. To overcome the paucity of fund, we suggest to implement PRC proposal of “ settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self finance basis“. Bangladesh should also play it’s role in solving the issue. Pakistani High Commissioner at Dhaka should be assigned to take care of Food, health, life and security of quarter million Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. OIC should include in it’s agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis.
2. We condemn Indian army’s atrocities in occupied Kashmir to innocent people. Pakistan govt. should use UNO, USA and other super powers’ influence on India to ensure plebiscite in Kashmir according to the will of it’s people.
3. We pray for late Majeed Nizami for creating Nawai waqt fund for stranded Pakistanis. Also praise IDB, MWL / IIRO, OBAT Helpers, MWDO which are alleviating their miseries. We urge Eidhi Trust and those welfare wings belonging to MQM, Jamaate Islami, Tehrike Insaaf, PML,PPP to start welfare activities for stranded Pakistanis in Bangladeshi camps.

Ashfaq Badayouni, Tayyab Mosani, Shamsuddin Altaf, Amanatullah, Tariq Mahmoud and Agha Akram also paid rich tribute to Quaid-e-Azam.

Posted on Dec 28, 16 | 3:57 am